7 Pregnancy Woes That You Can Turn around ...


7 Pregnancy Woes That You Can Turn around ...
7 Pregnancy Woes That You Can Turn around ...

As the stick turns positive and you find your eyes welling with tears of joy, you have many weeks - 40 in total - to enjoy your ever-changing body. Your body will transform and it is truly a miracle. Enjoy the kicks from your growing life inside; he or she is just saying hello and before long you will hold them in relief. You will feel changes in your body and I promise you will miss all of this when it is over because pregnancy is an incredible experience. Check out my tips to turn around your pregnancy body woes and congratulations in advance on your expected arrival of joy and bliss!

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Unable to Go to the Bathroom

If you find that going to the bathroom is a daily task without relief, you need to increase your fiber intake and drink more water. Pregnancy causes a change in hormones and nutrients being delivered to your growing baby, leaving your bowels confused. Do not make the bathroom relief become a monthly highlight and follow my tips. This will also help you to feel less bloated!


Breast Soreness

I'm in my fifth month of pregnancy and I finally feel less breast soreness but the beginning was a totally different story. The first few months of pregnancy your spouse merely bumping into your chest can make you want to cry in pain. Yes it hurts that bad and mostly because your chest is swollen. But relief usually comes after a few months and bonus, your chest will appear perkier and fuller. All of these changes are part of the beautiful process of childbirth!


Itchy Skin

As your belly and chest grow you may find yourself itchy and wanted to scratch all day. Skip the scratching, as this will irritate your skin and instead lather with plenty of moisturizer. Your growing, ever changing body just needs a little more moisture to soothe it.


Sharp Groin Pain

As your body is changing you may notice on occasion a sharp pain in your lower abdominal area or even groin. No need to worry - you do not have an alien growing inside you and taking over; this is completely normal. But next time pain strikes, prop your feet up and take a load off. The relief of the pressure will make you feel so much better!


All Day Sickness

I refuse to refer to morning sickness as such because it can seriously be all day sickness. Feelings of nausea and dizziness is actually completely normal so there's nothing to be concerned about. This is from your soaring high levels of progesterone and estrogen in pregnancy. So before you stay in bed all day for the next 9 months of your life, have small mini meals, get outside for a walk and I promise you as the months go by, it does get easier!


Wild Pregnancy Dreams

You may have a dream that you are a bird flying or that you take over the world. And the next night you may have a wild dream of you and your partner hooking up. Go with the flow. Hormones can really change your mood. Add this to the increase of blood flow in your body and you may find an increased sex drive. So take advantage of this time to get closer to your partner and enjoy every moment!


Breaking out

You wake up feeling like a teenage girl with breakouts across your face. You seriously want to cry because you do not have your pregnancy glow but a pimple covered face. With the change of hormones this is totally normal and the best thing you can do is drink lots of water and go for a workout. Both of these daily habits will help rid your body of toxins and bring back your clear, beautiful skin!

So pick your head up mama and enjoy the next 9 months of your changing body and before long your life will change in so many wonderful ways with your new little prince or princess entering your life!

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