Mommies Will Love These Calorie Burning Baby Bonding Activities ...


Mommies Will Love These Calorie Burning Baby Bonding Activities ...
Mommies Will Love These Calorie Burning Baby Bonding Activities ...

With your new mom schedule you may find squeezing in your workout to be a struggle since you usually have your bundle in tow. Stop stressing and work out with your baby. There are countless workouts you can do with your baby that will help you bond while you get your sweat on. And one of the best parts of doing exercise with your baby is that you will be a great example to advocate better health and you will never have to worry about finding a babysitter while you exercise. So burn calories while bonding with you baby at the same time with these super effective workouts that work!

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Stroller Workouts

Stroller workouts are an effective way to get your workout in with your baby along for the ride. You can perform exercises like walking lunges, reverse lunges and even squat steps to work the larger muscle groups while bonding with your baby at the same time. While you work out chat with your baby so you can bond while burning mega calories!


Baby and Me Classes

Baby and me classes are a great way to exercise, bond with your baby and even introduce your bundle to socialization. There are numerous exercise classes that use body weight or the weight of your baby to help you get in a great workout!


Videos at Home

There are countless videos you can do with your baby to get your fit on. Just search on the net and find a fitness routine that will give you a great workout while bonding with your little angel. Have fun, chat with your baby and get in your best shape all at the same time!


Core on the Floor

Lay on your back and perform core exercises to work your abdominal muscles and help whittle your waist back to pre-pregnancy kingdom. Chat with your baby as he or she sits on their activity mat next to you and make sure you interact with your baby as you tighten your core. What is more you get to exercise as a team!


Push-ups with Baby Resistance

If your baby is a bit older, like over a year they may want to lay on your back for the ride while you perform push-ups. So use your little one for resistance and get a great workout in. Just make sure to only perform this if it feels comfortable. If you are straining, simply stop so you do not injure yourself!


Squats Holding Your New Pal

I loved to perform squats with my children, especially when they were babies. I would simply hold them in front of me and perform this effective exercise, getting into a seated position. If you are feeling super ambitious, squat against the wall and hold for over a minute.


Stroller Running or Walking

Stroller running or walking is a great way to work out with your baby and you may even lull your little one to sleep. Some of the best workouts I had with my three children were pushing them in the stroller for a run while singing to them. Try it for yourself, new mama!

So stop stressing in how you will find time for your fitness and tote along your tot for the ride! You will bond, grow closer and not have to worry about leaving him or her while you get your fit on!

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