The Real Truth on the Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant ...


The Real Truth on the Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant ...
The Real Truth on the Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant ...

As a mom of four and a certified trainer for well over a decade, I am no stranger to exercising during pregnancy. I exercised to the day I delivered with each of my four children. Why you may ask? Well, there are countless benefits of exercising during pregnancy that can benefit your baby today and for years down the road. Exercising while pregnant can help you to deliver a fitter baby, lower your risk of gestational diabetes, increase your baby's brain conductivity, help you to deliver a baby under less stressful circumstances and so much more. Exercising while pregnant is not just about helping you to stay fit but more about helping you to deliver a healthy, happy baby. So check out the endless array of reasons why you should just get off your electronic device and get moving while you are pregnant!

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Fitter Baby

joint, shoulder, physical fitness, leg, thigh, Increased studies are proving that a mother that exercises during pregnancy will deliver a baby that is not only in better shape than babies delivered by non-exercisers but also more apt to enjoy exercise down the road. So secure the fitness future of your baby and get out for your regular exercise throughout your pregnancy!


Lower Risk of Gestational Diabetes

gym, exercise equipment, standing, weight training, room, By exercising through your pregnancy you can lower your risk of gestational diabetes by as much as a whopping 27 percent. And if that is not enough motivation to get moving, you should also know this can lower your risk of a cesarean section during delivery. So get exercising mommy!!


Increased IQ

footwear, leg, shoulder, fun, joint, Children born to exercising mothers have been proven to have higher test scores, increased intelligence and even a higher IQ. There are numerous reasons for this but the most frequent explanation is that more oxygen is delivered to the brain during exercise. So lace up those kicks so you can pave your smartie's future!


Healthier Birth Weight

thigh, joint, shoulder, leg, abdomen, Moms that exercise while pregnant are more likely to deliver a baby of a healthy birth weight. This will help you for a speedier delivery and decrease your child’s likelihood of becoming obese as an adult. Bet you didn’t know that!


Stronger Lungs

joint, shoulder, fun, recreation, summer, Studies show that exercising while pregnant can help your baby develop stronger lungs; not for screaming but the benefit is they will have a higher chance of increased athleticism. Develop your pro athlete before they are even born!


Less Stressful Labor

thigh, room, active undergarment, abdomen, structure, If you take care of your body by exercising while pregnant you will likely have stronger muscles, particularly in your core. And this can help you to have a less stressed out labor. Deliver a happier, healthier and less stressed baby because you chose to exercise through your pregnancy!


Baby Can Have a Healthier Heart

pink, girl, active undergarment, undergarment, brassiere, Prenatal exercises deliver babies with more efficient hearts because they chose to maintain a healthy heart during pregnancy. So this is a major reason you should get off your bootie and push yourself to do some form of exercise on a regular basis. Your bundle of joy will be blessed with the results you create because you chose to prioritize the health of both you and your baby!

So are you ready to prioritize your health while pregnant and make time for your fitness and health? Then put that pint of ice cream down, get up and get moving beautiful mama!

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24 weeks pregnant! Thank u for this article, its awesome!😊

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