Don't Forget These Fitness Rules when You Get Pregnant ...


Congratulations mommy on your growing miracle inside. Over the next 40 weeks your body will change in preparation for delivery. And now that you have decided to continue your exercise, great job! But certain rules always hold true in fitness whether you are carrying yourself through life solo or carrying a child in you. Simple things like listening to your body, staying hydrated, switching up your workouts, staying consistent and choosing foods to fuel you and aid your recovery can help you stay on track. It is also important to get plenty of sleep and enjoy the process. Fitness is not about just working to achieve results but also bettering your physical and mental health. Life is a journey so enjoy the process and focus on the betterment of you so you can better the lives of others each and every day!

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Listen to Your Body

You will have your good days and bad when it comes to fitness. Now that you are pregnant it is even more important to listen to your body. But regular exercise will help you to have a better pregnancy, gain less weight, have a healthier baby and even a quicker delivery! Take it from me. I worked out with all 3 of my pregnancies and now I am exercising with my 4th baby girl!


Stay Hydrated

Drink before, during and after your workout. This is a major rule in fitness than can help prevent heat exhaustion. Now that you are pregnant this is even more important because you are fueling for two. This can also help to prevent muscle cramping and aid in recovery after your workouts!


Switch up Your Workouts

Pregnant or not, doing the same workout on a daily basis is boring and imagine how your body will plateau with results that much sooner. So switch it up and diversify the exercise you are doing. If you absolutely love to run, plan a speed workout one day, a long easy run another day and a middle pace run the day after to train your body in a different manner. Just make sure to listen to your body in the process, as you are growing another life within!


Be Consistent

Just as when you not carrying another child, consistency is the key to success. If you want to feel better, see results and have a smoother delivery; set a goal of 45 minutes of exercise daily. Some days it may be hiking, others days swimming or whatever floats your boat. Just stay consistent and your body will thank you by looking and feeling better.


Choose Healthy Foods That Nourish You

Instead of eating whatever your heart desires, choose food that will nourish your body and the growing miracle inside you. And this fitness rule holds true because if you want to achieve amazing results, you have to choose nutrient dense food to nourish your body. Abs are made in the kitchen and developed in the gym so choose healthy food wisely!


Have Fun

Whatever exercise you decide to do, have fun in the process. Focusing on your health and fitness is a great process of bettering your life. So chose to be better and live the life you deserve. Now that you are pregnant you are making choices for both you and your baby!


Get Adequate Sleep

Get to bed earlier as this is a key component of fitness and since you are pregnant you will need extra sleep even more. Your body is doing hard work internally helping your baby develop so in 40 weeks you can deliver a miracle!

So follow the rules and stick to it so you can achieve incredible results! And make sure you take care of the miracle growing inside you!

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I loooove reading about this, I can't wait to have a baby someday

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