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8 Smart Ways to Exercise While Pregnant ...

By Alison

Exercising during pregnancy is important. Not only will it help you stay fit for the demands of motherhood, it´s good for your baby as well. When exercising during pregnancy it´s wise to avoid contact sports and anything where you might fall, but there are still lots of options. Here are some great ways to exercise while pregnant.

1 Yoga

Yoga is a very popular way to exercise while pregnant. There are plenty of classes designed specially for pregnant women; if you go to one that isn´t, do make your teacher aware of your pregnancy, as some positions are not recommended.

2 Swimming

No, you won´t displace the water, or look like a beached whale, so get a maternity swimsuit and hit the pool. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women, as it´s very gentle, and the water provides support.

3 Walking

Walking is a great way to get exercise when pregnant. It´s something that you can do every day, for as little or as much as you feel able. Going for a stroll gives you fresh air, moves your body and helps keep you fit and active.

4 Pelvic Exercises

This one is a must for pregnant women! Yes girls, those internal muscles need a workout as well – and I don´t need to tell you why. So don´t neglect those pelvic exercises that your midwife tells you to do.

5 Running

Running may be a surprising suggestion for exercising during pregnancy. However, this is for experienced runners only, who should of course consult their doctor or obstetrician. It´s not the time to take up running if you´re not already accustomed to it.

6 Dancing

You probably wouldn´t think of dancing as a form of exercise during pregnancy. However, it´s definitely a possibility, and is excellent for flexibility and toning muscles. There are some issues to bear in mind though; for more information try or

7 Pilates

Pilates is excellent for pregnant women, as it´s gentle but helps to strengthen your muscles and back. As with yoga, some exercises are not suitable, but the instructor can advise you on this. It´s best to look for a pregnancy class, whether you are new to Pilates or not.

8 T´ai Chi

T´ai chi is also a great way to exercise while pregnant. It´s a wonderfully calming form of exercise, and as it consists of a slow series of movements is completely safe. You´ll also learn breathing techniques, which will be very helpful during labour!

Even if you don´t feel like exercising while pregnant, it´s recommended that you do include some gentle exercise in your routine. It´s beneficial for both you and your baby, and it´s better to stay fit throughout the pregnancy rather than wait until afterwards. If you have children, did you exercise while pregnant, or do nothing more energetic than lounging on the sofa?

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