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10 Ways to Be Stress-Free during Pregnancy ...

By Jordin

Pregnancy is a big demand on a woman’s body, so knowing ways to be stress free during pregnancy is very helpful! Hormone levels are already out of control for most expectant mothers and if you add stress to the mix, you may find yourself beyond overwhelmed. Here are my best tips and ways to be stress free during pregnancy.

1 Plan Ahead

One of the absolute best ways to be stress free during pregnancy is to plan ahead. You can’t realistically plan ahead for EVERYTHING in pregnancy, since many times it’s out of your control. But you can have things set into place to be prepared for the baby, and have backup arrangements made in the event something doesn't go as you had planned.

2 Do Your Research

A great way to avoid stressing out while you are pregnant is to know what to expect. If pregnancy is a new experience for you, then you may worry at every new change or symptom. Do your research so you will know what is normal and what is cause for worry!


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3 Have Some Support on Hand

Your number one method for staying stress-free when pregnant is to have some support close at hand. Whether it’s your spouse, your mother, a friend, or a co-worker, you need someone who can be there for you and understand your worries and fears. Join a local support group for expectant mothers if possible.

4 Bond with Your Baby

Bonding with your unborn baby will be the most amazing experience you will ever imagine. It calms and relaxes both of you, and stimulates a connection between baby and the world. Talk to your child and rub your belly daily to help the bonding process.

5 Pamper Yourself

Nothing helps de-stress a mama-to-be like a little well-deserved pampering! Every now and then, go get yourself a pedicure or a facial. Have pre-natal massage at least once while expecting, and be amazed by how much it will reduce your stress levels!

6 Avoid Overdoing It

When pregnant women “overdo” it, their stress levels are likely to be off the charts. When you are pregnant, avoid committing to any events that will be too much for you to handle. Don’t stress yourself out! And try to keep your personal activities, such as shopping, doctor appointments, and other errands, spaced out over the week so you can still relax a bit each day.

7 Eat Healthy Foods

Good, nutritious food is where overall health starts, and this includes your emotional health! If you’re stressed to the max constantly, and it’s not due to your environment or personal issues, try switching up your diet. Eating fresh fruits and veggies, dairy products, and sources of protein can have a huge impact on your emotions almost overnight!

8 Get Plenty of Rest

Nurturing a baby is a lot of work, and we mommas need our rest! If you have a spare minute or two in your day, take a nap. It will be good for you and baby both, and you will lower your stresses and emotions by a huge percent just by taking a quick nap!

9 Surround Yourself with Positive People

Negative emotions and attitudes can really affect a mother-to-be. Surround yourself with positive people who will help soothe and relax you. Avoid situations where tensions and strife may arise in order to keep the stress environment around you and baby as low as possible!

10 Take Things One Day at a Time

Many times, the best way to approach pregnancy is to simply take it one day at a time. It can be too easy to get overwhelmed when you start thinking about everything you have that needs to get done. Pregnancy is a wonderful time that we don’t experience every day in life, so take each day as it comes and let the rest take care of itself!

These are my tips for a stress free pregnancy, but what about you? Do you have any ways to stay stress free while pregnant? I’d love to hear your opinions, so please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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