10 Things to do in Your Second Trimester ...

We're sure all you pregnant mommies in your second trimester could do with a bit of advice. Here is Morgan's informative post on just what you need to do. Thanks Morgan!

Sometimes pregnancy brain can get the best of us. I know it does for me! Don't fear! I'm here to help you sort things out. Here are 10 things to get done in the second trimester of pregnancy.

1. Start Prenatal Exercise

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Many classes are available with pregnancy-friendly workouts. Yoga especially can help ease the soreness and tension in those muscles. Classes can also help you bond with other pregnant women. A few things are yoga, water aerobics, Pilates, or even just a simple walk around the block.

2. Shop for Maternity Clothes

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Who doesn't love to shop?! Even if you don't have a bump yet, maternity clothes may be more comfortable. Try just buying a few staples such as plain t shirts and slacks so you can look stylish for any occasion.

3. Plan Some Adult Time

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Take a baby moon! I did this last summer with my son and it was only a few hours away but it was great to get out with my hubby and enjoy the kid free time. Go to a concert, a midnight premiere of a movie, or even just go to Sunday breakfast, either way it will help relieve stress and will be less complicated now then with a newborn so take advantage while you can!

4. Start Moisturizing

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This can help prevent stretch marks especially if you use cocoa butter and the itchiness that the stretching skin can cause.

5. Financial Planning

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New financial responsibilities always come with becoming a new parent. Tasks such as buying life and disability insurance, wills, and a college savings account are just to name a few.

6. Prepare Your Pets

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Some pets require pre-baby preparation. Some local trainers offer classes or you can just read up on books and articles. The baby and let have to learn to respect each other. When my son was born I had my hubby bring home something of the baby's so the pups could smell it and get familiar for when he came home. Also consider whether you will need a pet sitter for when you're giving birth.

7. Get Your Teeth Cleaned

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Weird right?! But it's highly recommended because recent studies have shown an association between pre-term labor and gum disease. Regular trips to your dentist can avoid this risk.

8. Start Sleeping on Your Side

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My doctor told me that back sleeping is a big no no now that I'm 21 weeks. She told me that when you lie on your back it is like stepping on a grade hose. It stops the water flow. When you lie on your back it stops blood flow to your heart and baby and getting the oxygen you need. Your left side is the recommended side because it improves blood flow to your placenta.

9. Start Kegels

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Kegel exercises help prevent urine leaks and can help prevent hemorrhoids.

10. Eat Healthy

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In the second trimester, an additional 300 calories a day are needed for you and baby. Pick things that contribute to the daily needs of you and your baby like fruit, veggies, and proteins. Don't forget to drink plenty of water!

Now that you can unscramble your brain, relax a little! And if you're like me get to checking things off your to-do list. You will feel relieved and stress free (if that's possible during pregnancy.)
Happy and healthy pregnancies to all!

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