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8 Things That Are Okay to do during Pregnancy ...

By Jordin

Wondering if there are a few things that are okay to do during pregnancy? Pregnant women are told that there are so many things that are unsafe to do while pregnant, and in reality, you can really do many of those things and still preserve the safety of your baby! Babies are well protected in their mother’s wombs. Many of the items on this list I have done throughout my own pregnancy! Please read each item carefully, to find out a few safety precautions and other helpful tips, in case you decide to try a few of these things that are okay to do during pregnancy!

1 Sleeping on Your Stomach

One of the things that are okay to do during pregnancy is sleep on your stomach! My nurse told me to stop sleeping on my stomach after 13 weeks of pregnancy, but I didn’t even have a bump yet! I continued to sleep on my stomach until it was too large to lie on. Once you reach that point, you can do a partial position between your back and stomach using a pillow to support your side and keep you directly off of your tummy.

2 Painting

Pregnant women everywhere are told not to breathe paint fumes. While it does present some dangers, there are a few ways around it! First of all, make sure you have lots of proper ventilation. Second of all, take frequent breaks to breathe clean air. Third, try your best to use a low VOC or an organic paint that won’t present toxic dangers. And finally, wearing a mask over your nose and mouth is a good idea. Pregnant women should never sand old paint off of furniture or use spray paint.


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3 Vigorous Exercise

As long as your doctor hasn’t given you orders to stay in bed, exercise among pregnant women is encouraged! As a general rule, pregnant women should keep their heart rate below 140. However, the exception to that rule is this: if you were active and in-shape before your pregnancy, you can continue doing the same things throughout your pregnancy! Just take it down a notch or two. And listen to your body. If you feel tired, faint or dizzy, stop and rest right away. Stay hydrated too!

4 Having Sex

It is perfectly safe to indulge in sexual relations while pregnant! Some women find that the further along they get, the more uncomfortable it becomes, so it’s up to your discretion. Just know that your baby will be perfectly safe and unharmed.

5 Eating Taboo Foods

There are certain foods to avoid while pregnant. But other foods that have been named “un-safe” for pregnancy are okay to eat every now and then! For example, caffeine is okay to have in moderation. Also, chocolate is fine to indulge in every now and then. And if you’re craving a cold turkey sandwich, go ahead and have one! Just don’t make it a daily habit.

6 Sitting at a Computer

Pregnant women are instructed to get up from a computer every hour and walk for a few minutes to increase blood circulation. Unless you are just uncomfortable, there is no need to do this every hour on the hour. Just take a few breaks when you need them to move around and let your back and legs get a rest!

7 Travel

Traveling while pregnant is perfectly acceptable! If you’re traveling via car, then you should make sure you take a few stops to get out and stretch whenever you need to. If you’re traveling by air, then stay hydrated, and make sure you get an aisle seat so bathroom trips are more convenient. Travel after 35 weeks is rarely advised for expectant mothers.

8 Get Waxed

Not sure why pregnant women were ever told that waxing is unsafe for your baby, but there is nothing in modern science to indicate that waxing will hurt your unborn baby! It may be a bit more painful for you, due to hormones causing more tenderness. You can take a couple Tylenol to help with the pain, as long as your doctor approves it.

What are a few things that you have heard are “unsafe” to do during pregnancy? Many things ARE harmful for your baby, but there are a lot of old wives tales that have been proven wrong in today’s modern society. Ask your doctor with any concerns, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Thanks for reading!

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