7 Ways to Prepare Your Firstborn for a Sibling ...

By Bridget

7 Ways to Prepare Your Firstborn for a Sibling ...

If you’ve recently found out that you are expecting a second child, aside from being elated, you are probably also thinking about preparing your firstborn for a sibling. Your firstborn has been the center of your world since he arrived, and it may be difficult for him to adjust to another child requiring your attention. With these tips, preparing your firstborn for a sibling can be achieved, making the transition from one child to two much easier.

1 Explaining

One of the most important things you can do for preparing your firstborn for a sibling is to explain it to him. Tell him that he is going to be a big brother and explain what that means. Include that there is a baby inside your tummy and that soon, that baby will be his sibling.

2 Discuss Changes

Talk to your firstborn about the changes that can be expected with the arrival of a sibling. Talk about the good changes, as well as the changes that he may not think are very appealing. For example, explain how a sibling will be someone he can play with, but that a sibling will also require mom and dad’s attention.

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3 Involve Him

Let him be involved in the preparations for the arrival of the sibling. Maybe allow your firstborn to help pick out the theme for the baby’s nursery or let him help pick out some clothing. Take him to doctor appointments so he can hear his sibling’s heartbeat or see the baby in a sonogram. The more involved your firstborn is with the preparation, the easier the arrival of the baby will be on him.

4 Talk about Babies

While yes, the new baby will eventually be a playmate for your firstborn, talk about what babies are like when they are born. Talk about how they sleep a lot, they eat a lot and they even cry a lot. Explain that at first, the new sibling may not be able to play with your first born, but eventually, they will be able to play with toys and games together.

5 Let the Firstborn Help

While your firstborn may not be able to play trains or ride bikes with his new sibling right away, he can help out and be involved with the little one. Let him help feed the baby, change him and bathe him. This will allow the firstborn to feel as if he is really being a big brother (or if you have a girl, a big sister).

6 Don’t Create Doubts

Don’t say things like, “I’ll still love you,” or “You’ll still be important.” Saying things like this can make your firstborn start to doubt how you feel about him when his sibling arrives, especially when he probably wasn’t doubting your feelings at all, in the first place.

7 Keep Things Consistent

While yes, there will be changes with a new baby, keep things as consistent as possible. If you always had a special morning or bedtime routine with your firstborn, continue that routine. Keeping things as consistent as possible will allow your firstborn to adjust to the newcomer much more easily.

Having more than one child can be difficult for parents to adjust to, but can you imagine how difficult a new sibling can be for your firstborn to adjust to? Do you have more than one child? What did you do in order to prepare your firstborn for his sibling?

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