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7 Important Reasons to Consider Natural Child Birth ...

By Jordin

Are you looking for a few valid reasons to consider natural childbirth? Perhaps you are interested in all your options, or maybe you are genuinely curious. Even if you just need some solid reasoning to back your claims with stubborn family members, this article has some legitimate reasons to consider natural childbirth! Having a baby may not be easy, but for most, it’s not impossible to do naturally. In many ways, it’s better for you and baby both! Read on to discover why.

1 Freedom to Move about

One of my top reasons to consider natural childbirth is because you have freedom to move about at will and change positions if needed. With an epidural or even pain meds you will be unable to move around. Going through labor can be uncomfortable even with pain medications or interventions, so it’s nice having the option of moving around to get comfortable!

2 Keeping Baby Safe

Doctors and nurses will tell you that it’s perfectly safe to use pain meds and that it won’t hurt the baby. While that may be true, it’s also true that whatever is in your system goes to the baby. Do you really want your baby to be born with any type or amount of drugs in his little system?

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3 Faster Recovery

Going through natural childbirth actually gives you a speedier recovery! If you get an epidural or pain meds, you have to wait for them to wear off before you can get up and move around or even go to the bathroom without assistance. And a small percentage of women have said that they continue to have pain and aggravation at the site of the epidural injection for the rest of their lives.

4 Chance of a Faster Delivery

Some medications and yes, epidurals, can actually slow down the birth process. Think of it this way: when a part of your body is numb, it’s harder to use that part of your body or at least use it to its full function without some difficulty. Women’s bodies are made be able to perform during childbirth, so they naturally know how to have a baby. It makes sense that unnatural interventions would slow you down!

5 Less Risk for Other Interventions

Having an epidural does mean that you will need other interventions. Constant fetal monitoring, an IV, and a catheter will be necessary, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on how difficult it is for you to push, the use of vacuum or forceps extraction may become necessary.

6 Getting to Know Your Body Better

There’s no doubt about it, if you opt for natural childbirth, you are going to be going through a very intimate process. You will learn about your body, and discover that you have more strength than you ever thought possible. Take time and do your research, because natural childbirth can be the most beautiful experience in your lifetime!

7 Empowerment and Triumph

Women have been having babies for thousands of years. And many of them without pain medications or interventions! Since our bodies are designed to be capable of having a baby if we so choose, there’s no need for intervention unless medically necessary. Imagine the empowerment this gives to women! To be able to have the strength to give birth, all on your own, without intervention -what a triumphant feeling!

These are my top reasons to consider natural childbirth, but I would like to interject that not every woman is able to naturally birth their baby. Due to medical emergencies, or possibilities of medical emergencies, doctors will instruct or take over, and that is perfectly okay! Remember, it is YOUR birth experience and it will be different from everyone else’s! Pain meds are there if you need them, but natural is the best way to go. However, mothers who have delivered via C-section or with epidurals and pain meds are just as amazing as those who did it naturally. Be proud of yourself no matter your birth story; you did it!

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