7 Things Every Single Mom Needs to Stay Sane ...


I am a single mom and there are some things that every single mom needs. I don't mean a job that lets you work from home (although I have to say having one of those is pretty nice), I mean things that every single mom needs to stay sane. Like a night out once every year. But seriously, these are the things that every single mom needs to stay sane.

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One Day without Any Kids TV Shows

My son LOVES to watch cartoons in the morning when he wakes up (smiling at 6 am) before he eats breakfast. And that's fine. But one of the things that every single mom needs is just one day where we don't have to listen to every adventure turning into a happy cheery song. Some days, I really just want to throw a remote through the TV but then I remember, I'm the one that started this routine.


Mom Friends

That's right, mom friends, and not those annoying moms that make you feel like you're doing everything wrong. I mean the kind of moms that don't judge you for watching Cougar Town and making dirty jokes. Sometimes you need to vent and sometimes you want to hide from your children while scarfing down a candy bar and telling your friend all about it.


One Good Night of Sleep

Just one night of sleep where you don't have to wake up 3 times to feed your baby is a blessing. My son is a year old and just started sleeping through the night last week. If you know a single mom, offer to stay with her and wake up with the baby at night, and watch how much happier she seems to be in the morning.


An Uninterupted Hot Shower

After a year of life with a baby, I still haven't gotten one of these. Most of the time my son either busts in or I think I hear him crying in another room (even if I know he's with someone capable of keeping him out of trouble). Showers are a great way to unwind and sometimes, that's all you need to feel human again (especially after a day of being spit up on).


Grown up Time

Grown up time can be any time of day (all day or just 10 minutes), but every single mom just wants a few minutes to be treated like a grown up and not like somebody's mommy. When G man was first born I spent a 4th of July BBQ inside with him while his father sat outside watching fireworks with 8 of our closest friends. All I wanted was for someone to come in and offer to sit with the baby for a few minutes. Instead I sat inside planning and plotting how to make everyone else feel as crazy as me.


Hobby of Your Own

It's really great when moms spend all of their time at mommy and me play groups but sometimes, to stay sane, all a mommy really needs is a hobby that doesn't involve diapers and bottles and singing songs.


A Good Friend

This doesn't have to be a mom friend, in fact I recommend that you have one friend that you can talk to about anything, even if it's not about your baby. This can also be a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the person that you can talk to about anything, the person that makes you feel like you aren't all alone. This is the person that is going to remind you that there is a world outside of Babytopia.

Well ladies, these are the things that I think every single mother needs to stay sane. What do you use to stay sane as moms? Let me know down below!

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All moms need those things!! Lol. I've been both. Single mom and not. :)

Absolutely love this post!!!

I completely agree! I would love to watch an adult TV show and have an uninterrupted shower especially!

I couldn't agree any more!!! I am a single mommy, all this are on point. Haha I couldn't stop laughing with the carton one I can totally relate!

YES to number 4!!!!!!

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