7 Must-Have Items for a Baby That Both You and Your Baby Will Love ...

Transitioning into parenthood is no easy task for an adult, and growing up can certainly have its trials and tribulations for a baby - that's why every parent needs to get these must-have items for a baby. Not only do these fantastic items make life a lot easier for you, but they also make it a lot easier for baby. Trust me, you and your little one will both be thankful for these must-have items for a baby.

1. Swaddlers

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The first of many must-have items for a baby that I highly encourage every parent to get is a swaddler (or 10). While you can certainly swaddle a baby in a receiving blanket, babies wiggle about and get their way out of a blanket in no time. Swaddlers are designed to actually stay in place. They wrap the baby in a warm cocoon and thanks to the Velcro, they actually keep baby cozy and warm. They are a definite must.

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