7 Must-Have Items for a Baby That Both You and Your Baby Will Love ...


7 Must-Have Items for a Baby That Both You and Your Baby Will Love ...
7 Must-Have Items for a Baby That Both You and Your Baby Will Love ...

Transitioning into parenthood is no easy task for an adult, and growing up can certainly have its trials and tribulations for a baby - that's why every parent needs to get these must-have items for a baby. Not only do these fantastic items make life a lot easier for you, but they also make it a lot easier for baby. Trust me, you and your little one will both be thankful for these must-have items for a baby.

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Swaddlers The first of many must-have items for a baby that I highly encourage every parent to get is a swaddler (or 10). While you can certainly swaddle a baby in a receiving blanket, babies wiggle about and get their way out of a blanket in no time. Swaddlers are designed to actually stay in place. They wrap the baby in a warm cocoon and thanks to the Velcro, they actually keep baby cozy and warm. They are a definite must.



Pacifiers I know there is a lot of controversy over pacifiers, but when you have a baby that had colic as bad as mine did, pacifiers are a saving grace. Without them, I don't know if anyone would have survived. They helped to soothe my little guy and calm him down when his colic was really bad. Get the ones that are friendly for teeth and ween your baby off of them starting at 6 months and he'll be just fine.


Gum Soothers

Gum Soothers Teething bites; literally. If your wisdom teeth ever grew in, you probably remember how painful it was. Now, imagine how painful it is for your little baby to grow a whole mouth full of teeth! Ouch! Gum soothers are essential to ease pain. Put a few in the freezer and let your little one gnaw on them when her teeth are really hurting her. The coldness will provide instant relief while the chewing will help to soothe her sore gums.



Music What? Music? Yes. Music. Get a collection of soothing music together and play it for your baby to create a calming environment. We played classical music, as well as some soothing rock music (Cat Stevens, CSNY, the Beatles, etc) for my little guy. We still play this music today at nap time and bedtime. It helps to soothe him and puts him in a sleepy state.


A Swing

A Swing While you may always want to, it's not possible to hold your baby all the time. When you have to prepare dinner, take a shower, you want to relax a little bit or do anything that requires two hands and some personal space, a swing is a great place to put your baby down. It is safe, it offers a soothing motion that babies love and they also offer music and baubles that will keep baby entertained.


Snack Cups

Snack Cups Now, you won't need these until your little one is ready to start eating solids, but when he is at that stage, you will love having snack cups. Just fill them up with some puffs or other snacks and your little one can feed himself without spilling all over the place. We started using them when my son was about 10 months and we still use them today - and he's three!


Fuzzy Car Seat Liner

Fuzzy Car Seat Liner When the weather gets cold, you are going to want to have a fuzzy car seat liner on hand. It is tough trying to stuff a baby into bulky winter clothing, and once he's in it and you go into a store, he'll start sweating up a storm! Put a fuzzy liner on your car seat and you won't need to put on bulky winter gear! Once your baby is in the car seat, just zip up the liner and he will be instantly protected from the cold.

Every parent has their essential parenting items. What were some of yours?

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Those snack cups look really useful I will buy one for my nephew thank you

Fuzzy car seat liner... perfect timing to get this tip. I'm off to look this up!

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