7 Ways You Change after You Have a Baby ...


7 Ways You Change after You Have a Baby ...
7 Ways You Change after You Have a Baby ...

If you’re expecting your first child, aside from the excitement, you may be wondering what awaits you when the baby is born – and the ways you change after a baby may come as a bit of a surprise to you. Speaking for myself, I thought that my life would pretty much go back to how it was before. Sure, I would have a baby and be a mom, but I thought I’d pretty much remain the same. Well, boy was I wrong! Sure, I am still me, and I still like the same things; however, I really have changed a bit – and not in a bad way, but in a parent way. Wondering about the ways you change after a baby? Here are my 2 cents on the topic.

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Early Bird

One of the ways you change after a baby is that your sleep schedule becomes completely different. I’ve always been more of a daytime person, but that meant waking up at about 8 on work days and sleeping until 10 when I had off. I laugh at that now, because since I’ve been a parent, sleeping until 8 is late! And, by 9:00 at night, I’m ready for bed!


Kids Toys Are Exciting

I haven’t been this excited about toys since I was a kid! Seriously, when I see a toy that I know my little guy will love, I get more excited than he does! I need to be restrained at toy stores.


Play Dates Are Awesome!

Planning my son’s schedule and arranging play dates truly are awesome activities. Before I had a child, I never realized that going to a children’s museum, having a picnic at a park or seeing a puppet show would be just as entertaining for me as it is for him.


The Holiday Magic is Back

As an adult, you become jaded. For me, holidays were stressful and, to be honest, a bit of a pain. Now that I am a parent, the magic has returned. Santa really exists again, and his spirit lies inside my son.


Sweats Are Where It’s at

I’ve always been about dressing for comfort, but now I totally understand why sweats are the uniform of a mom. They are so much more comfortable to move around in when you’re chasing your child around a park and they are a lot less expensive than designer jeans. Please don’t call the fashion police!


Quick Thinking

As a parent, emergency situations come up almost daily. I’ve really learned how to think on my toes and come up with an alternative plan in seconds. A meltdown in public? Lunch exploded on my clothing? Fast thinking to remedy such situations is necessary, and something I’ve totally adjusted to.


Old Softie

I’ve never been a hard-as-nails type of person, but I’ve also never really worn my heart out on my sleeve. Since becoming a parent, I have really become a big softie. I melt when my son says “I love you,” and I profess my love for him and smother him in kisses all the time. I can’t help it; he stole my heart.

So, if you are wondering how your life will change after you become a parent, you may be surprised to find that some of these things will become your reality. What are you expecting will change the most?

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Glad I read this, I think I'm pregnant and this just made me feel a little more at ease

Sorry that was mean. But seriously the teenage girls today are not what they were 5 years ago

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