7 Crucial Tips for Getting Intimate after Pregnancy ...

Getting intimate after pregnancy isn't always easy. Your hormones stay out of whack for the longest time, and since baby weight does not magically melt away, you may not feel your sexiest – even though you are still sexy. Plus, you're exhausted, you no longer get any time to yourself, and you barely have time to brush your hair, let alone shave your legs. Hopefully your partner understands, but this isn't even about your partner. Women are sexual beings as well, so if your mind feels ready for closeness but you don't know how to proceed, here is some help for getting intimate after pregnancy.

1. Realize It's Not Always about Sex

The most important thing you need to remember about getting intimate after pregnancy is that it's not always about sex. If you don't feel like having sex, that's okay. You may just be craving physical closeness with your partner, and that's a fantastic stepping stone. Whether you're married or simply in a long-term relationship, intimacy is generally far more important than the act of sex itself. So hold hands, cuddle, curl up close in bed. Give it time and it will gradually feel natural (and welcome) to start making out, engaging in a little foreplay, and ultimately being together physically.