9 Ways Moms Can Pamper Themselves ...


9 Ways Moms Can Pamper Themselves ...
9 Ways Moms Can Pamper Themselves ...

The ways moms can pamper themselves are nice to know for those days when you have a babysitter, or moments when you just need a quick pick-me-up. These suggestions will work great for any type of mom, whether you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, a mom who gets a day off occasionally, or a single mom who rarely has time to brush her teeth. These ways moms can pamper themselves are affordable, and easy, so go ahead, you deserve it!

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Get a Pedicure

Probably my favorite suggestion for ways moms can pamper themselves is to get a pedicure! Pedicures generally run around $20-$30 so have a little extra cash on hand. Nothing feels better than a little foot massage and some pretty paint on your piggies. If you don’t have the time or money to get a professional pedicure, then do it yourself. You will be glad you did!


Order Takeout for Dinner

Sometimes an exhausting day can keep you from even having enough energy to throw a frozen dinner in the oven or heat up leftovers! For those days, order takeout. You have worked hard all day, now just relax and enjoy your evening!


Chill during Nap Time

Nap time is usually mom’s favorite time of day, since she can get things accomplished. But for today, how about using nap time to get some relaxation in! Take a nap, paint your nails, read a magazine, or catch up on your shows. Do whatever you want to do in order to relax!


Buy Some New Panties

As a mom, it’s still important to feel sexy too. It’s likely that you haven’t gone shopping for new underclothes in a while, so take an afternoon and hit up Victoria’s Secret! Pick out some new things to make you feel sexy and pretty. You deserve it!


Indulge in That Candy Bar

Most of the time, moms work hard to get their pre-baby figure back, and that’s a good thing. But sometimes, you just need to indulge! Go ahead and have that milkshake or that piece of pie. Every now and then won’t hurt.


Make an Effort

It’s so easy to fall into the “mom-rut” of wearing yoga pants, tees, a ponytail, and no makeup. For most days, that’s okay since you need to be comfy anyway. But every now and then, make an effort! Put on some actual clothes and wear a little makeup. You will be surprised at how it makes you feel, and this is an easy way to pamper yourself in 10 minutes or less.


Arrange for a Sitter

Maybe you can’t afford to pay for a sitter so you can have a date night or spend the day shopping. If that’s the case, then grab a trusted friend and swap out with her. Offer to watch her kids or run errands in exchange for babysitting. You can both help each other out at no extra cost! Plus, time all to yourself is the ultimate way for moms to pamper themselves.


Hire Someone to Clean House

Now this tip for pampering yourself may be a bit costly, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. Keeping up with daily chores can be taxing enough without adding deep cleaning to the mix. When you find yourself stretched to the limit, hire someone to clean your house that week. That’s one less stress off your mind, and you have extra time to sit down and do whatever you want since your house is all clean!


Take a Bubble Bath

Kids are tucked into bed, and you are worn out. Slip on a furry bathrobe and get your supplies together! A nice hot cup of coffee or tea, plenty of silky bubbles, warm bath water, and a trashy magazine to read. Need I say more?

These are my suggestions for ways moms can pamper themselves, and I hope they are inspiring to you! Moms need a break every now and then too. Keep your environment relaxing so you don’t overload with stress. Freshly picked flowers or a candle burning on the stove can brighten your home and your attitude! What are your suggestions for ways moms can pamper themselves?

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