Don't Forget These Fitness Rules when You Get Pregnant ...


When you become pregnant you may forget the rules of fitness because your life is changing dramatically. But just because you are expecting, it does not mean you should forget the fitness rules that everyone should follow. Simple things you can do like hydrate, eat nutrient dense food, and listen to your body, can help you to maintain great health for both you and your expected arrival. So take a page from my book and I speak from experience; I am expecting my fourth baby in July.

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Listen to Your Body

One of the major rules in fitness is to always listen to your body. There are some days you may feel amazing and other days you are off but the sign of a true athlete is to listen to your body signals. If your major muscle groups are aching you may need a day off. And if you are feeling nausea from your pregnancy, you may need to take a day off or take it easy and go for a walk. So listen to your body cues!



Hydrate adequately to avoid dehydration, boost your metabolism and maintain good health for you and your baby. This is a fitness rule that is absolutely essential. You are losing fluids when you work out so it is important to replenish. You will cramp less and feel better as a result from drinking up plain healthy water!


Eat Ample Calories

It is important to always eat nutrient dense food and this is especially the case when you are expecting. Increase your daily intake by 300 calories for your expected arrival and this should not be through refined sugar. Increase your calorie intake with a complex carb snack that will fuel you and better your health instead of having empty calories!


Easy on Your Heart Rate

If you find yourself winded and pushing yourself to the max, it is time to back off. Go easy on your heart rate because you are expecting and you are making choices not just for yourself but for the growing miracle inside of you. If you feel this is happening frequently, it may be best to hold back for your body and start walking instead of doing tough workouts.


Get It in Early

Get up early and get your workout in. As long as your physician gives you the go ahead to continue exercise, you can continue to do so in your pregnancy. Most doctors recommend this so you maintain better health results and feel better. This should be a staple in the life of all. Live life for the fullest and start your day the right way by getting your sweat on!


Avoid the Caffeine

If you are a caffeine lover it may be difficult to go cold turkey and cut out your daily cup of coffee. But as you are pregnant, you should be aware that caffeine can cause birth defects and a host of other issues in your growing miracle. So avoid the caffeine as you are pregnant and better your health in the process!


Diversify Your Workouts to Maintain the Passion

It is always important to diversify workouts to minimize boredom and achieve results. And this is most certainly the case when you are expecting because as you get further in your pregnancy it will not be as easy to do all exercises. So go with the flow and listen to your growing body being ready for change!

Ok mama make sure you prioritize your health and fitness and keep it going!

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Great tips!! Hopefully I will use them one day! But I thought the studies were out on caffeine during pregnancy? I have a lot of health conscience friends who never stopped the coffee when they were preggers?!

I seriously never want to be pregnant. Just no. But these are great tips. People assume eating for two isearing two footlong sandwiches or physical activity is just impossible.

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