Here's How to Bond with Your Baby before It's Even Born ...


Here's How to Bond with Your Baby before It's Even Born ...
Here's How to Bond with Your Baby before It's Even Born ...

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life. You’re full of excitement and anticipation to meet this special little person you’re going to share your life with. But you can also start bonding with your baby before it’s even born. These’re some ideas to get you started.

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Talk or Read to Your Baby

Don’t be afraid to talk to or read to your baby during pregnancy. It may feel silly to you but you’re really giving your baby more chances to hear your voice. It’s no coincidence that babies quickly know their mother’s voice after being born. Your voice is comforting and soothing to your baby above all other voices. You can take it up a notch by reading a story you love often; it may very well become your baby’s favorite story 📕 to hear in the years to come.


Imagine What Your Baby Might Look like

This’s something fun to do when you’re pregnant. Imagine what your baby may look like. You could be way off or spot on. If you’re wrong then you’ll have an amazing surprise and if you were right then it’s fun to have guessed correctly. Either way, this promotes positive feelings in you toward your little one.


Plan Things to Enjoy with Your Baby after Delivery

Of course life has to slow down for awhile after you have a baby. You need time to recover from childbirth and adjust to having a newborn. But plan some things down the road to enjoy with your baby. Maybe plan your first family pictures or think of some holiday traditions ☃ you’d like to start. Those things will be even more meaningful when you do them because of the forethought you’ve put into them.


Decorate Your Nursery

I remember decorating my nursery during each of my pregnancies. It’s so much fun to look at different options in décor and choose the one that you feel is right. You can go with a specific theme or a more gender neutral color scheme. It makes you feel close to your baby when you’re preparing for his or her arrival. Shopping for baby clothing is another option, too.


Sing to Your Baby 🚼

Your baby already loves your voice. Why not sing to him or her? Babies don’t care if you’ve got perfect pitch. They just love the sound of Mommy’s voice. Choose some lullabies that you feel are especially soothing.


Interact when Your Baby Kicks

Isn’t it the most amazing feeling when you feel your baby kick? I don’t think you can quite describe the wonder of it to someone who hasn’t experienced pregnancy. Use those moments to interact with your baby. Run the spot where he or she is kicking. It could spur on an even more active kicking session.


Embrace Every Aspect of Your Pregnancy

Not every moment of pregnancy is bliss. It would be untrue to say that it was. But it’s a very unique time period in your life that you want to enjoy. Slow down and take the time to truly take in the changes that are happening in your body.

These’re some ways that you can bond with your baby during your pregnancy. How do you do this? You’re welcome to share your ideas; they could inspire others!

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I cannot wait to be able to experience these things! My husband and I are trying for a baby, so hopefully it'll be soon!

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