7 Thoughtful Things You Can do to Make a New Mom's Day ...


Is there a new mom that you’d like to do something special for? These’re 7 thoughtful things you can do to make a new mom’s day. Becoming a new mom is wonderful but it’s also not the easiest time in a woman’s life. Any of these thoughtful gestures would make a new mom’s day.

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Deliver a Meal

Delivering a meal is a something you could do to make a new mom’s day. It’s a gift that she’ll certainly appreciate. If you aren’t confident of your cooking skills then you could give a gift card to a restaurant instead. Either way, you’ve taken care of a meal for the new mom and her family. It’s a chore she doesn’t have to worry about that day.


Take Care of Some Chores

This’s a great thing to do for a new mom. It’s also one that you need to be somewhat close to her to do. If you have a close relationship with a new mom then take care of some chores for her. Show up ready to clean, do laundry or take care of any other household chores she needs you to do. Wear the clothes you wear to clean in and she’ll be less likely to refuse you.


Offer to do Errands

New moms need a few days to a few weeks to recuperate before they take over driving again. So an offer to do errands for her can be a wonderful gift. It always seems there’re things a new mom needs whether it’s a different size diaper than she anticipated or a book of stamps. It may seem like a little thing to you but to a new mom who needs an errand done, it’s a big deal. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Compliment Her

This one’s very simple but very effective. If you want to make a new mom’s day then give her a sincere compliment. More than likely, she’s not feeling very attractive right after having a baby so your compliment can lift her spirits. It’s nice to hear that you look lovely despite just coming through childbirth. It’s a small thing with a great big impact.


Deliver Her Favorite Coffee Beverage

New moms don’t get much sleep. While it may seem that all babies do is sleep, that’s not the case. Many times a new mom is relying on coffee to help her get through the day. Showing up with her favorite coffee beverage might just make you her favorite person. If you don’t know what her favorite coffee beverage is then take a guess. Even if you miss, she’ll probably enjoy it and maybe find a new favorite.


Give Her a Gift Just for Her

New moms receive a lot of gifts for their new baby. I feel very safe in saying that new moms love and appreciate each of those baby gifts, too. But if you really want to make a new mom’s day then give her a gift that’s just for her. It’s really nice to be remembered as a person and not just as a new mom. It can be anything from makeup to a new book.


Offer to Babysit

It’s nice to offer to babysit for a new mom. She may need to go to a doctor’s appointment or just want to slip away for a pedicure. Even if she doesn’t take you up on it right away, it’s a nice gesture. There may come a time when she does need a sitter. Then you’ll get the pleasure of enjoying her little one and then handing them back over to mom.

These’re 7 thoughtful things you can do to make a new mom’s day. What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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The baby in the pic is just too adorable..!

Omg! This is exactly what I need right now!

Give her a pedi?

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