5 Great Energetic Activities for Kids of All Ages ...


5 Great Energetic Activities for Kids of All Ages ...
5 Great Energetic Activities for Kids of All Ages ...

Are you looking for energetic activities for kids? When your not a naturally creative person it can be hard to find activities to do with your young kids who may not yet understand some of the games that you can buy in stores. Crafts are great, but if you are a parent, then you understand that your little ones have energy ready to burn and they want to move about! So I have 5 energetic activities for kids to do with your little ones. They have all worked great with my boys who are 6 and under.

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Treasure Hunt

Thanks to shows such as Disney Jr’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” treasure hunting and pirate tales are very popular with little ones. So what I do is draw a map that will take the kids through the house and then draw an X where I have hidden something special for my little guys. Best part about this is your house doesn’t need to be big. Just draw several maps so they can do the treasure hunt a few times, leading them to different rooms. This is also a great way to give your little ones a new toy. I have taken regular paper colored it yellow and cut it in circles for gold coins. To mix things up a bit, your little one can draw a map and hide something for you to find! This is one of my favorite energetic activities for kids.


Directions Hunt

This activity is similar to the treasure hunt, but you don't need maps. Instead you give your little one clues to get them to their treasure. The clues are a set of directions that your child must follow to get them to the next clue. This is great for little ones who are just learning how to follow directions, both at school and at home. Before we started this activity in my home, sending my son to get something from his room resulted in this banter “I don’t see it” “It’s there son just look where I told you!” I inevitably ended up just getting the item myself. So ideas of clues that you can use are open your top clothes drawer and look on your red shirt. You can even work on other skills like left and right. For example, a clue could be inside your right blue sneaker.


Alphabet Hunt

This one is a great learning tool for students that are learning the letters of the alphabet. Hide all 26 letters and have your little one hunt for them Easter egg style. Have your little one figure out when they have found them all by laying them next to each other in order so they can see what they are missing. At home I use alphabet cards, however if you want to get crafty first you could draw the ABC’s, letting your little one decorate them, then cut them out and commence hiding. Another way to do this is let your little ones hide the cards for you and they have to tell you what letter you are still missing. This is great because they will be learning and won't know it because to them it will just be play time!


Fort Building

This one's a classic and an old childhood favorite that I had forgotten about until I had my own kids! There are several ways you could do this one. At my house, we use blankets and the boys' bunk bed. Other options are couch cushions, blankets on kitchen chairs or blankets in between couches. Now once the fort is built the fun can continue. Our favorite fort activities include reading books and coloring. There is something about doing everyday activities in a fort that makes them brand new. Once my son had so much fun building and re-designing his fort that I found him fast asleep inside it.


Fence Soccer

Now you may not be into outdoor activity or you may not have the most engaging backyard, but fence soccer is an easy activity that is almost guaranteed to induce naptime. This is as simple as it sounds and all that’s needed is a ball and fence. The ball is kicked back and forth and the first one to hit the fence scores. Just make sure you set a number that wins the game or your little one will have you going to 50! I do first to 5 wins. Which brings up another great point. No matter your activity level, this is a great chance to get some exercise in and still get you some one on one time with the kiddos.

Whatever you do, engage with your children to make the memories that will last a lifetime. Engaging with your kids is also a great way to relax and let go of the stresses of the day! They are only young for so long, so don’t let the young years pass you by. Get out there moms, and seize the day!

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