You Have to See These Rice Ball Babies ...

By Holly

You Have to See These Rice Ball Babies ...

There's a new trend in Japan involving little children. It's called Rice Ball Babies! What is that, you ask? Why, it's when parents squish their child's head in order to make him or her look like a rice ball. Take a look at some of these photos that have been taken directly from everyday people on Twitter:
Someone even made a rice ball kitty!
Now aren't those babies (and kittens) absolutely adorable? As long as you don't squeeze your tiny baby too tightly, you might as well get a picture of him or her looking like a rice ball!

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I wouldn't say abusive, that's overreacting, but I don't think I'd like my face squashed either... Not like any of these bubs are hating it

Cute Angels!

I kind feel bad for those babies lol but they look so cute!

They're not hurting the babies or anything, come on, abuse is too big a word for this! The baby was probably a little uncomfortable for a few seconds...


NoI have to disagree , the babies are so cute , adorable and gorgeous.

You people saying this is abuse have a very skewed picture of the world. What about every grandfather that has pinched a grandson's cheeks in play? Is that abuse? What about every grandmother who blows a raspberry on a granddaughter's cheeks. Is that abuse? I suppose in your mind bouncing a baby up and down on your knee is abuse too? You're f**king idiots if you seriously think this is abuse.  

Ok....... Very weird

I work with babies but seriously some people overreact, people are only doing it for the amusement - stop being party poopers!

It's abusive

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