Frida Kahlo and 40 Other Awesome Kid Costume Inspos ...


Frida Kahlo and 40 Other Awesome Kid Costume Inspos ...
Frida Kahlo and 40 Other Awesome Kid Costume Inspos ...

Trying to come up with an affordable and cute ideas for your kids' Halloween costumes every year is no easy task; you want them to be unique but not cost a fortune... That's why I've put together this list of epic ideas that you'll love from Frida Kahlo to a cowgirl and even a flower pot idea that's crazy unique! Your child will also be dying to wear these ideas so check out these fun Halloween costumes and let me know which one is your favorite.

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Frida Kahlo

Pink, Head, Pattern, Purple, Neck, Source:
Who doesn't want to dress their kid in the image of one killer artist?!


Little Chick

Little Chick Source: 45 Amazing DIY Baby Halloween ...
Halloween costumes for babies aren't always easy to pull off, but this tiny little chick is the perfect choice.


Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty Source: 17 Awesome Literary Halloween Costumes
Only a cute little baby face could pull off this costume. Make sure you get photos like these on a wall.


Flower Pot

Flower Pot Source: A Flower Pot Costume - ...
If you're looking for something cute and easy to make, this is the costume for you.


Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown Source: 35 Cute Baby Halloween Costume ...
Some babies won't tolerate wearing a costume, but you can pull this one off without any strange things he'll hate.


I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy Source: Adorable “I Love Lucy” Homemade ...
She might not know who Lucy is, but she'll love how cute she looks in the costume.


Sandy from Grease

Sandy from Grease My kids are all boys, but if I had a girl, this would be definitely be a costume choice.


Cowgirl Tutu

Cowgirl Tutu Source: Cowgirl Tutu Costume (hat, bandana, ...
A girly cowgirl costume is totally easy to make and looks super cute too!



Minions I made these costumes for all three of my kids last year. Instead of overalls, I sewed old jeans to yellow t-shirts. Totally easy and they were the hit of the Halloween parade.


All Dolled up

All Dolled up Source: 34 DIY Kid Halloween Costume ...
I can't tell if she is a specific person, but she looks really adorable, no matter who she is.


Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver Source: 26 Halloween Costumes For Toddlers ...
I love this because the pacifier becomes part of the oxygen tank.


Olaf the Snowman

Olaf the Snowman Source: DIY Olaf Costume | Desert ...
There will be tons of kids who want to be Olaf this year. In fact, my youngest is dying for an Olaf costume.


Where's Waldo

Where's Waldo Source: Clever Halloween Costumes For Kids ...
He might not be as popular as he once was, but a Waldo costume is super easy to make.


Tiny Queen

Tiny Queen Source: DIY Kids Halloween Costumes - ...
I want a costume like this in an adult size. I might dress up more often if I had something this cute.


Girly Scarecrow

Girly Scarecrow Source: Scarecrow Baby Costume
There's no reason why a little girl can't be a scarecrow. How cute is this?



Tractor Source: Carlsbad CA General Liability Insurance ...
What little boy doesn't love tractors? This would be easy and so unique.


Pair Them up

Pair Them up Source: 22 Best Iconic TV Costumes ...
If you have more than one kid, try choosing a theme. It will make for great photo ops!


Curious George

Curious George Source: 24 cute & creative costumes ...
Every kid has a stuffed monkey. Deck your kid out like the man in the yellow hat and you have a really cute costume.


Elliott and E.T

Elliott and E.T Source: 30 Amazing '80s & '90s ...
Maybe your kids have seen this movie or maybe not. Either way, this is totally fun!


Baby Peacock

Baby Peacock Source: 34 DIY Kid Halloween Costume ...
Just right for a baby learning to walk. It wouldn't be uncomfortable, but is so adorable.


Goose and Maverick from “Top Gun”

Goose and Maverick from “Top Gun” Source: Community Post: 13 Insanely Clever ...
One of my favorite movies of all time! I wish I would have thought of this when my kids were smaller.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Source: Easy-to Make Teenage Mutant Ninja ...
Here's another costume on my kids' wish list this year. Too bad they can't take nunchucks to school.


Baby Burrito

Baby Burrito Source: Community Post: 30 Best DIY ...
This costume almost makes me want to have another baby. So cute!


Cruella Deville

Cruella Deville Source: Street Style: How Our Readers ...
Isn't she cute? This would be a really fun costume to put together.


Lloyd and Harry

Lloyd and Harry Source: 47 Of The Most Fun ...
If you've ever seen Dumb and Dumber, you'll appreciate how awesome this costume is.


Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura Source: Laces Out, Dan!
Speaking of movie themed costumes, this Ace Ventura get up is awesome!


Bags of Jelly Beans

Bags of Jelly Beans Source: 23 Kids Who Are Totally ...
So easy to make with a trash bag and some balloons.


Candy Corn Costume

Candy Corn Costume Source: 10 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes
Nothing could be more perfect for a baby's Halloween costume than a candy corn get up.


Fred and Wilma

Fred and Wilma Source: Handmade Halloween: Etsy Costume Roundup ...
Another great example of a themed costume for your kids.


Tiny Pinata

Tiny Pinata Source: 10 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes
I cannot get over how adorable this is. It might take some work, but it would be so worth it!


Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann Source: A Lovely Lark: Even More ...
What a perfect costume for your little girl.


Little Police Officer

Little Police Officer Source: Brittney Lace Photography
Most little boys would love to be a police officer for Halloween. A tiny prisoner is icing on the cake.



Linus Source: Super-Crafty Halloween Costume Contest Hall ...
If your little one must have his blanket with him, Linus is the obvious costume choice.


Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Source: Ella?
This costume looks like so much fun to wear.


Horror Movie

Horror Movie Source: Community Post: 32 Parents Who ...
Obviously you wouldn't let your little ones watch Chuckie, but you can sure let them wear these costumes.


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Source: Community Post: 32 Parents Who ...
This costume is one of the most creative things I've ever seen.


Walking Vending Machine

Walking Vending Machine Source: 23 Kids Who Are Totally ...
This is the perfect use for a cardboard box you have lying around the house.


Tasty Costume

Tasty Costume Source: 22 Amazing Kids' Halloween Costumes ...
Chipotle should pay these parents for coming up with this!


Cabbage Patch Kid

Cabbage Patch Kid Source: Cabbage Patch Kid Costume
This costume is so much fun for any little girl.


Dough Boy

Dough Boy Source: 18 Totally Awesome Kids Halloween ...
A Pillsbury dough boy costume is ideal for your chubby little baby. Adorable!



Owl Source: Los disfraces caseros más originales ...
Owls are trending big time right now so don't be surprised to find out your kid wants to be one for Halloween.


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Source: Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving Ideas
Every little girl has heard this story and would jump at the chance to wear this costume for Halloween.

What's the best costume your child has ever worn for Halloween? The minions from last year definitely top my list! Are you going to make any of these this year?

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That's Stay Puft from Ghostbusters, not pillsbury doughboy? :O otherwise these are all adorrrraaable!!!!!

Fantastic ideas!

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