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35 Spooky Jack-O-Lanterns You Can Carve with Your Kids ...

By Eliza

Halloween is approaching and it will be here before we're ready, but you can be prepared with some jack-o-lanterns that your kids will love. Carving pumpkin is one of the classic traditions for Halloween and you don't want your little ones to miss out, even if you opt for something that isn't the traditional route. Check out these jack-o-lanterns and you'll have a Halloween you'll never forget.

1 White Pumpkins

White PumpkinsVia Mr. Mummy Pumpkin
White pumpkins are perfect for making mummy inspired jack-o-lanterns. You can find them at most supermarkets.

2 Wine Bottle Jack-o-Lanterns

Wine Bottle Jack-o-LanternsVia TODAY Home -
If you want something spooky for the inside of your house, these fun recycled wine bottles are perfect.


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3 Mantel Decor

Mantel DecorVia FINISHED Jack o'Lantern PUMPKIN Trio ...
For something you can pull out year after year, check out these spooky wooden jack-o-lanterns.

4 Favorite Character

Favorite CharacterVia Pumpkin Painting Party! - The ...
A little spray paint and some creativity make this adorable jack-o-lantern. Kids will love it!

5 Tiny Jack-o-lanterns

Tiny Jack-o-lanternsVia Home Spooky Home: Easy Halloween ...
These tiny guys make perfect yard decor for all the trick or treaters.

6 Kid Favorites

Kid FavoritesVia Geek Up Your Halloween With ...
Check out all these kids' themed pumpkins. Which one would your child love best?

7 Jack O Lantern and Guacamole

Jack O Lantern and GuacamoleVia 20 Surprising Side Effects Of ...
Kids and teens will definitely get a kick out of this "barfing" jack-o-lantern. Don't forget the chips!

8 With Fog

With FogVia How To Create Jack-O-Lantern Halloween ...
Spooky! Create this effect with some dry ice and a glow stick. You'll give all the neighborhood kids a good scare.

9 Creepy Smile

Creepy SmileVia 11 Awesome Jack-o-lanterns - Mrs ...
What a great design for your Halloween party! Who wouldn't be just a little creeped out by this guy?

10 Porcupine Pumpkins

Porcupine PumpkinsVia Martha Stewart | Recipes, DIY, ...
For something a bit tamer, try these cute little porcupines. A string of lights is easy to add.

11 Faux Pumpkin

Faux PumpkinVia Halloween!
For something you can hang up inside, use a foam pumpkin to make this cute candle holder.

12 Big and Little

Big and LittleVia Creative ideas for you: Jack ...
Get totally creative with pumpkins in different sizes. This is a great example.

13 Tin Can Jack-0-lanterns

Tin Can Jack-0-lanternsVia design dump: halloween inspiration 2
These are fun for your front porch. LED votive candles are the perfect way to light them up.

14 Welcome

WelcomeVia jack-o-lantern
Welcome guests to your Halloween party by placing this right inside your front door.

15 Spell Something

Spell SomethingVia Halloween Desktop Wallpapers
"Boo" works well, but you could also spell your child's name.

16 Flame Thrower Jack O Lantern

Flame Thrower Jack O LanternVia Light Up Halloween With a ...
Use caution if you try this, but get ready to impress all your guests if you do.

17 Amazing Disneyland Jack O Lanterns

Amazing Disneyland Jack O LanternsHaving a Disney Halloween this year? Make sure you check out all their fancy creations.

18 Squash Jack-O'-Lantern

Squash Jack-O'-LanternVia Squash Jack-O'-Lantern | Martha Stewart
For an entirely different effect, try carving squash instead of pumpkins.

19 Cool Jack-o'-Lantern

Cool Jack-o'-LanternVia 19 Wicked Cool Jack-o'-Lanterns
This is different, but really fun for kids, especially those who just got braces.

20 Black Pumpkin Display

Black Pumpkin DisplayVia Outdoor Halloween Decorating with Pumpkins
Spray paint the outside of your pumpkins black for this spooky effect. I love it!

21 Pumpkin Masks

Pumpkin MasksVia Enchanting Halloween Decor
Trick out your jack-o-lanterns with some cute masks.

22 Jack-o-lantern Campfire

Jack-o-lantern CampfireVia on my honor...: Book Report: ...
Fire and Halloween are a great mixture. Just be sure you are doing this safely so no one gets hurt.

23 Jack- O-lantern Monsters

Jack- O-lantern MonstersVia
These are super cute for making your house Halloween ready.

24 Skull Jack-o-lantern

Skull Jack-o-lanternVia Make a skull jack-o'-lantern
Here's another great way to use white pumpkins. This is so cool!

25 Grinning Lit Jack-o-lanterns

Grinning Lit Jack-o-lanternsVia Grinning Lit Jack-o-lanterns by Richard ...
Wow! That's a lot of pumpkins. That must have taken quite some time to create. But it's awesome!

26 Mummy Jack-O-Lantern

Mummy Jack-O-LanternVia Your Fall To-Do List
Gauze is all you need to turn your jack-o-lantern into a spooky mummy.

27 Cheshire Cat Jack O Lantern

Cheshire Cat Jack O LanternVia A Little Bit of a ...
This is really spooky, but would be easy to carve. What do you think?

28 Traditional

TraditionalVia Outdoor Halloween Decorations
If you want something super traditional, this cute pumpkin is just what you're looking for.

29 Colored Jack -O- Lanterns

Colored Jack -O- LanternsVia Fall-Theme Party Ideas for Celebrating ...
Use a variety of colored squash and pumpkins to make a cute family like this one.

30 Spooky Spiders

Spooky SpidersVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Halloween / ...
Use plastic spiders to take your jack-o-lantern to the next level.

31 Anglerfish

AnglerfishVia Super Punch: KAWS, Cannibal, Anglerfish, ...
You won't see a jack-o-lantern like this one on anyone else's porch.

32 Cute Family

Cute FamilyVia Disney Family | Recipes, Crafts ...
Make a cute family of pumpkins. Use nice faces if you don't want to scare your little ones.

33 scary grin

scary grinVia Printable Jack O Lantern Templates
This would make Halloween even more spooky, don't you think?

34 Use a Carrot or Parsnip for a Nose

Use a Carrot or Parsnip for a NoseVia Carrot-Nose Jack-o'-Lanterns | Martha Stewart
What a cute idea this is!

35 Turn It around

Turn It aroundVia Pumpkin Carving Inspiration Board! - ...
Use the stem end of your pumpkin to make something like this.

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween? It's one of my favorite traditions with my kids. Which one is your favorite?

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