Magical Things to do with the Kids on Christmas Eve ...


Magical Things to do with the Kids on Christmas Eve ...
Magical Things to do with the Kids on Christmas Eve ...

Christmas Eve is a magical time for kids and it can be just as wonderful for parents as you watch your children experience it. Looking for something memorable to do this year on Christmas Eve? There are lots of fun ideas that will give you and your little ones something to remember. Try one or more of these fun activities and your kids will be talking about it for the rest of their lives.

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Leave a Santa Key

black and white, night, architecture, monochrome photography, darkness, If your kids are wondering how Santa gets in, make a magical key and leave it outside for him to find so he can fill the stockings.


Feed the Reindeer

cattle like mammal, tree, pack animal, event, ox, My kids love doing this! Scatter some oats and glitter in the front yard to help the reindeer find your house.


Read the "night before Christmas"

snow, winter, christmas tree, christmas, phenomenon, What makes a better Christmas Eve tradition than reading this magical book to get everyone in the festive mood.


Bake Cookies

gingerbread, food, christmas ornament, lebkuchen, cookies and crackers, Spend Christmas Eve whipping up some cookies to share. Leave some out for Santa.


Look at the Lights

landmark, christmas decoration, christmas lights, light, lighting, Once it gets dark on Christmas Eve, pile into the car and drive around looking at the lights on people's houses.


Eat Dinner under the Tree

christmas decoration, christmas, christmas tree, christmas ornament, tradition, Spread a blanket and enjoy a meal under the tree, just lit by the lights on the tree.


Hang the Stockings

photograph, snapshot, furniture, vintage clothing, black and white, If you haven't already, let your kids hang their stockings so they are ready for Santa to load them up.


Make a Christmas Eve Box

red, light, hand, finger, girl, Wrap a box filled with new pajamas, a Christmas movie and snacks and let your kids open it on Christmas Eve.


Track Where Santa is

snow, winter, geological phenomenon, sled dog racing, freezing, Use the Norad website to see how close Santa is to your house.


Deliver Toys to Other Kids

product, window, girl, Teach your kids about helping others by bringing them along to deliver toys to kids in shelters or the hospital.


Sing Christmas Carols

event, product, recreation, Choose a few of your kids' favorites and sing them by candlelight before you all go to bed.


Go to a Christmas Service

choir, gospel music, performance, profession, musical ensemble, If you are religious or spiritual, take your kids to a service to celebrate your faith. The candle light service has always been one of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions.


Leave Letters for Santa
Let your kids write Santa a thank-you letter and leave it with the milk and cookies.


See a Show

event, crowd, ceremony, darkness, tradition, If your kids are older and can sit through a program, consider tickets to the Nutcracker or other Christmas show for the night before the big day.


Wrap Special Presents

Wrap Special Presents Save a couple of gifts and let your kids help you wrap them up in Christmas Eve. What fun!


Have a Party

performance, event, product, musician, profession, If you have a lot to do on Christmas with family events, consider having a party on Christmas Eve so that your Christmas Day can be more relaxed. The kids will love helping you plan the big event.


Have a Special Meal

room, interior design, furniture, photo caption, Is there something you look forward to eating every Christmas Eve? Chances are your kids are the same. Make that meal every year and it will be so special to all of you.

What's your Christmas Eve tradition?

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Ever since my first daughter was around 3 years old I've been reading her The Night Before Christmas. Now she's 15 and still insists that we read it, and for the last 9 years my second daughter has also been part of the tradition. Even now as they get older they get excited to snuggle down on Christmas Eve night while I read it. I love it!

Love this for Christmas Eve...

Oooh I cannot decide They're all great ideas!!! One of my favorite new traditions because it's mt son's first Christmas he is ten months and a half old. I love reading Christmas books to him. Last night we read How the grinch stole Christmas. It's a fabulous book for your kids. Happy Holidays 🎄🎁

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