9 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Photos to Make People Go Aww ...

By Heather

9 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Photos to Make People Go Aww ...

With so many cute and creative pregnancy announcement photos floating around on Pinterest and Facebook these days, it can be tough narrowing down your favorite picks when it comes time to spread the word about your own expected arrival. Wondering where to begin? From setting up Scrabble tiles to releasing colorful balloons, here are nine of my all-time favorite ideas for creative pregnancy announcement photos.

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1 Scrabble Tiles

Scrabble Tiles Scrabble tiles are a great choice for creative pregnancy announcement photos, and I especially like the use of a wedding ring in place of the letters “o” and “a,” as seen here. The inclusion of relevant dates for love, marriage and baby is definitely fun, too.

2 Big Brother or Sister

Big Brother or Sister When you’re expecting a new addition to the family, letting your other children get involved in sharing the news is always a great idea. I just love the excitement on this little girl’s face in knowing she’s about to become a big sister, and it brings back many happy memories of experiencing this same feeling myself a long time ago.

3 3 + 1 = 5

3 + 1 = 5 Chalkboard announcements are incredibly popular right now, and I love the way this one involves the entire family and also symbolizes a “3 + 1 = 5” equation. It just doesn’t get much cuter than this!

4 Bump Ahead

Bump Ahead Yet another creative idea I love is to pose alongside a “Bump Ahead” road sign that gives everyone a heads up about the excitement to come, even long before an actual baby bump ever makes an appearance. Do you like this unique and somewhat offbeat idea as much as I do?

5 Colorful Balloons

Colorful Balloons Make the gender reveal a part of your pregnancy announcement by having a picture snapped as you release a collection of pink or blue balloons from a box. Along with the couple's cute pose, the heart-shaped chalkboard design is an incredibly sweet touch.

6 Holiday Stockings

Holiday Stockings Making your announcement during the holidays? Have a special stocking made for the baby and hang it up alongside your own to help let everyone know that this will be your last Christmas as a family of two.

7 Adoption ‘Ultrasound’

Adoption ‘Ultrasound’ Though not exactly a “pregnancy” reveal, I definitely wanted to include this cute adoption announcement, especially since it’s important to remember that not all parents-to-be are having a biological child. I love the way this photo mimics an ultrasound by showcasing the country from which the family’s new addition will be arriving.

8 Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes Another very sweet idea is to share a picture of mom and dad’s feet or shoes alongside a pair of tiny shoes to be worn by the new baby. Want to go ahead and reveal the baby’s gender when making the announcement? Choose a pair of shoes specific to either a boy or girl.

9 Twin Pumpkins

Twin Pumpkins For a family expecting twins and making the announcement during the fall, there’s nothing quite cuter than showing off two miniature pumpkins inside a larger one designed to represent the mommy-to-be. You could even include other, smaller pumpkins in the picture to symbolize your other children, which is an idea that's beyond adorable.

Do you have any other ideas for creative pregnancy announcement photos? How did you or will you share the news?

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Well it if it equals 5 that would have to mean 2 which would mean mommy & baby. I don't see why it's hard to understand

I think the 3 1=5 is perfectly understandable. Look at her tummy, for Pete's sake!

These are adorable, I love the scrabble tiles!

I don't understand the pumpkin one, maybe because I'm British - does the pumpkin thing have particular meaning in other countries? :S

That they are expecting

My friend was at the beach and had her husband edit video of a wave over the sand. The wave receded and said "coming May 2014" and the wave washed it away to reveal "little baby "Smith". Cute little video sent out on Facebook.

I like the balloon thing !

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