TaoTronics White Noise Machine Will Bring Sleep Back to Your Home ...


TaoTronics White Noise Machine Will Bring Sleep Back to Your Home ...
TaoTronics White Noise Machine Will Bring Sleep Back to Your Home ...

If anyone in your house is a troubled sleeper - your baby, yourself or your spouse, or if you live in a busy area, chances are, on most mornings you and your family wake up tired and not fully ready for the day ahead.

Wether you have a young child, or you are sensitive to sounds, or just happen to have noisy neighbors or a busy household, your or your baby’s sleep does not have to be interrupted, in fact, it can be enhanced with the most simple to use gadget - TaoTronics White Noise Machine.

Let’s see why this particular product is flying off the shelves and why its devoted users are giving it their raving reviews!

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Incredible Variety of Soothing Sounds

Wether it’s you, who gets woken up in the middle of the night by a slightest sound or wether it’s your new beautiful addition to the family, who wakes up at a pin drop sound, you definitely need a good quality white noise machine that will have a wide range of soothing sounds you can choose from or even alternate depending on the season, time and mood.

With TaoTronics White Noise Machine you get just that - 25 sounds total, with 10 nature sounds, 7 animal sounds and 8 sleep sounds to choose from. It’s a life-savor for babies and young children, as the soothing sound of white noise, uninterrupted sound background, draws out any household sounds that might have woken them up otherwise. Wether you have company, or you and your spouse are watching a movie at home or if you are just doing some house chores like putting away the dishes - your little one will keep sleeping peacefully with all that clatter and conversation blocked by the soothing white sound machine.


Soft Night Light Function

Even for adults it’s more comforting to be able to see silhouettes of objects in the room at night, even more so for the young children and their parents. It’s a genius combination - the white noise and the night light function, a young parent could not have asked for more. What makes it extra special is the soft, warm light that instantly creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.


The Comfort of the Voice Control

It’s so convenient to have voice control functions on our phones. But why not take it further? That’s exactly what TaoTronics did - they introduced sound smart voice control for their white noise machine. Wether you have Google Home or Alexa, you will be able to adjust the night light brightness from anywhere in your house. How amazing is that? Gone are the days when we had to feel for the on/off switches!


App Control for All Your Needs

Just like with voice control, TaoTronics took their product to an entirely new level creating a separate app to control your white noise machine - from customizing the sound (that’s the most fun part), to controlling the volume of the sound and the brightness of the light, you can do everything you need to customize your sound machine for your specific needs. And you can even set an alarm clock or a sleep schedule, which will allow you to switch your phone off for the night completely.


Sleep Schedule Feature

TaoTronics White Noise Machine will help you create a healthy sleep schedule for your little one. Either you are a parent of a baby or a toddler, you know how hard it is to get a child on a healthy and regular sleeping schedule. Fortunately, TaoTronics White Noise Machine offers an amazing feature - it helps you train your little one with multiple light colors and sound modes. Older children are very happy to play by themselves once awake until the select color that signifies waking time comes up - they even start sleeping longer in the morning. Even for severe cases when a child just would not stay in bed and would keep waking up at night, this fantastic machine has proven to work miracles - the soothing sounds will keep your child asleep and the color of the light will signal to their nervous system that it’s still resting time and have them back asleep in no time between the tricky sleeping cycles when the waking usually occurs. If you are a parent of a toddler who just won’t sleep, please do see the reviews about TaoTronics white noise machine from other parents - you will be fascinated!


Affordable Price and the Special Offer

White noise machines used to be so expensive, luckily, companies like TaoTronics understand that these are fundamental gadgets that are needed in every family.

With the amazing price of $33.99 on Amazon.com, this incredible device is a complete must-have every families can afford. With a special code, you can even get a 10% discount, please see the dates of this offer and the code you need to get your special deal on TaoTronics White Noise Machine:

Discount: 10%
Start date: 1/14/2021
End date: 1/20/2021
Buy here: amazon.com

My family does not go to sleep without the white noise machines. Soothing sounds of rain or waves crashing - and nothing can interfere with your and your children’s sleep.

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of full night’s sleep, it's the best investment in your health you will ever make.

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