7 Ways to Share Christmas Magic with Your Children ...


7 Ways to Share Christmas Magic with Your Children ...
7 Ways to Share Christmas Magic with Your Children ...

I have been excited for months about Christmas so I prepared these seven ways to share Christmas magic with your children. Attending Christmas parties almost every evening for the past 18 days has been a rollercoaster ride for our family and the most enthusiastic faces I have seen are those of the children. Here are seven ways to share Christmas magic with your children and please send my regards to the children and the children-at-heart in your families:

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The Music of Christmas

There are several ways to share Christmas magic with your children. One of those ways is to get them singing. How many Christmas songs are there? More that you can possibly count and you probably know each and every one of them. The thing is … your little one probably hasn't heard of any of them. Now is the perfect time to break out your vinyl and crank up the tunes – or you can find them on pandora.com. Pretty soon your kids will be singing along with you.


Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” better than your house smelling like a bakery. Break out the cookie sheets and let your children get messy and make a ton of cookie dough. Both you and they will be counting the minutes until the cookies are finally done. If cookies are not to your liking, then how about showing your youngsters how traditional baking is done and make a loaf (or three) of your Mom’s treasured Egg Bread.


Veg out and Watch Some Movies

Some of the best Christmas movies are showing for free on Cable TV or you can find them on Netflix. With options from White Christmas to It’s a Wonderful Life, you can spread out on the couch with your little ones and sing along with Bing Crosby.This holiday share the magic of the season with your children and classic movies that stretch back through the decades!


Snow Fight!

If you are one of the lucky ones with snow in your front yard, put your little ones on one side of the “yard” and fire away with a snowball attack. You can play “tag” and before you know it, you'll have a face full of the white fluffy stuff and your sides will be splitting from all of the laughter. Go out and have fun! Don't forget to bundle up! It will surely be chilly!


Sing to Your Children

Put away the computer and electronic “noise” and groom your children with a hot evening bath – then after they pad over to bed, sit down on the floor and sing to them. It’s a memory they will never forget as Dad or Mom hum to those time-honored tunes.


Chop Some Firewood

If you have a sizeable backyard, it’s a great Christmas tradition to start this holiday. Get everyone pitching in to collect firewood and then turn off the lights and sit with your children by the fireplace. How cozy that would be and how wonderful!


Light ‘Em up

Hey it's Christmas and it's time to put up all of your decorations. Bring your children into the decision making of what goes where and have them march over and make it happen. Let your children be in charge for a change and sit back and watch the wonder take place as your home is ready for the holidays.

What are some of the ways you make magic at home during this season?

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