Heres What Your Kid Should Wear for Easter This Year ...

By Eliza

Heres What Your Kid Should Wear for Easter This Year ...

This year I'm vowing to put together Easter outfits from what my kids already have in their closets. So off I went on a search of what kinds of outfits I could piece together. Not only is this going to save me money, but my boys are going to look very handsome. Are you looking to do the same thing? Or need some ideas when I you hit the stores? Here's what you should deck your child out in this year. Grab the camera because it's going to be adorable!

1 Bow Tie and Suspenders


Can you think of a more stylish outfit for your little man? It's both on-trend and classic, ideal for Easter. Here's how to get the look...
denim,clothing,blue,sleeve,dress shirt, Ralph Lauren Blake Cotton Shirt
Price: $39.50 at
jeans,denim,clothing,blue,trousers, Boys' Mott-Wash Denim
Price: $39.50 at
halter,rein,fashion accessory,chain,leash, Hickory Stripe Cotton Braces
Price: $225.00 at
red,footwear,fashion accessory,brand,hand, Striped Silk Bow Tie
Price: $45.00 at

2 Maxi Dress and Faux Leather Jacket


Mama's super-stylish, so why can't little girl be just as on-trend? A long dress or skirt with a wee biker leather is darling.
clothing,jacket,leather,sleeve,outerwear, Little Remix Leather Moto Jacket
Price: $430.00 at
clothing,day dress,active shorts,pattern,abdomen, Scotch R'Belle Pleated Maxi Skirt
Price: $90.00 at

3 Big Fluffy Dress

clothing,dress,fashion accessory,hairstyle,gown,@fashionkids

Any poofy dress your little one has is perfect for Easter and spring, in any color you can think of, like this robin's egg blue.
clothing,blue,bridal party dress,dress,child, Aletta Dress
Price: $209.00 at

4 Lots of Florals


Anything floral is a great choice for Easter Sunday this year, so why not this darling flower-strewn dress?
clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,pattern, Marni Floral Cady Sleeveless Dress
Price: $216.00 at

5 Large Polka Dots and a Beanie

clothing,pattern,stuffed toy,art,design,@kelli_murray

You can never go wrong with polka dots for Easter! They work for boys too in the right colors. And your little one can add a little extra shine in this fun frock... look at those cute gold dots!
clothing,yellow,sleeve,outerwear,t shirt, Motoreta Sabina Cotton Dress
Price: $82.00 at

6 White Top and Cute Shorts


So many tops, so many shorts, so many options. How about a pair of denim shorts and a white peasant blouse, like mommy wears?
white,clothing,sleeve,t shirt,dress, Stella McCartney Embroidered Cotton Eyelet Top
Price: $118.00 at
denim,clothing,blue,jeans,shorts, Chloe Denim Cutoff Shorts
Price: $126.00 at
eyewear,sunglasses,glasses,vision care,fashion accessory, Winkniks Clementine Sunglasses
Price: $48.00 at

7 Fun Print Dress


A fun print dress is perfect for Easter. Add a sweater if it's cool, but be sure to make that a solid.
clothing,pink,handbag,pattern,sleeve, Dolce & Gabbana Pineapple-Print Cotton Poplin Dress
Price: $245.00 at

8 Pretty Red Dress


Red is a grown up color that can also look super cute on little ones. And if you think it looks a little like Christmas, why not?
day dress,clothing,red,dress,child, Isabel Garreton Sleeveless A-Line Dress
Price: $174.00 at

9 Maxi Dress

clothing,pink,dress,wedding dress,bridal clothing,@kate_alexandra_ng

The style of this dress is ideal because you can top it with a jacket or sweater.
pink,clothing,dress,product,gown, Bowie James Maxi Dress
Price: $68.00 at

10 Floral Headband


Nothing says spring like a sweet floral crown, but if something like this is a bit too overwhelming, try a wee halo, maybe of something smaller, like baby's breath.
flower,branch,fashion accessory,jewellery,cut flowers, ‌‌Baby's Breath Flower Crown‌
Price: $248.00 at

11 For a Newborn


Chances are your newborn has all sorts of fancy outfits that will work just right for an Easter celebration.
white,clothing,t shirt,sleeve,product, Mini Boden Animal Friends Tee & Leggings Set
Price: $45.00 at

12 In Adorable Matching Suspenders

clothing,toddler,child,toy,portrait photography,@lanadmitruks

You can dress up any outfit your sons have with a great pair of suspenders. Cute, times two!
fashion accessory,strap,hand,rein,zipper, Suspenders
Price: $19.00 at

13 Cute Dress and a Hat


This is almost too cute for words, a small hat and darling dress.
hat,clothing,fedora,fashion accessory,baseball cap, The Accessory Collective Felt Hat
Price: $22.00 at
clothing,day dress,sleeve,dress,spring, Mini Boden Hotchpotch Dress
Price: $45.00 at

14 Patterned Skirt and Sweater Top


Got hand me downs from previous Easters? Mix and match them to create a look that goes together.
clothing,sleeve,outerwear,sweater,cardigan, Ruby & Bloom Bolero Sweater
Price: $29.00 at
clothing,pattern,plaid,design,sleeve, Burberry Pleated Check Skirt
Price: $150.00 at

15 Tiny Blazer


Nothing looks cuter on a little boy than a tiny blazer, and every little boy would look as cute as a button in stripey seersucker.
jacket,clothing,outerwear,blazer,sleeve, Bardot Jr. Seersucker Blazer
Price: $89.95 at

16 Pastel Blue Sweater and White Pants


This is such a stellar color combination, ideal for spring.
denim,clothing,blue,sleeve,outerwear, JB JR Dress Shirt
Price: $49.50 at
clothing,white,product,sleeve,trousers, Bardot Junior Chino Pants
Price: $79.95 at

17 Flannel Shirt and Sweater


It's cozy, it's hipster, it's a perfect outfit if you're in the PNW or if it's going to be chilly out.
clothing,sleeve,red,tartan,pattern, Volcom Fulton Flannel Shirt
Price: $47.00 at

18 Suit


When Grandma buys your kids clothing like this, save it for holidays and photo ops.
clothing,jacket,blazer,outerwear,suit, Polo I Wool Twill Suit
Price: $525.00 at

19 Easter Overalls


Overalls are so versatile. Wear with a t-shirt if the weather's cool... and you have to love this funky horse print.
clothing,day dress,sleeve,dress,gown, Horse-print Overalls
Price: $48.00 at

20 Ruffles and Tulle

clothing,dress,blond,wedding dress,sleeve,@danika_kristen

Can't beat ruffles and tulle. (Every little girl wants to be a ballerina whatever the holiday.) Fulfill her dream with this brocade fit and flare.
pink,clothing,dress,day dress,child, Pink Tulle Dress
Price: $69.00 at

21 White and Red


If this color combo works for mama, why wouldn't it work for baby girl?
clothing,white,sleeve,t shirt,blouse, Oscar de la Renta Tie-Front Top
Price: $95.00 at
jeans,clothing,pocket,trousers,denim, Tucker + Tate Cropped Jeans
Price: $39.00 at

What will your kids be wearing for Easter this year?

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