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55 Stylish Kids Outfits for Your Next Portrait Session ...

By Eliza

Kids' outfits was something I put a lot of thought into when my kids were babies. I always wanted them to look stylish, but now that they dress themselves, I have to let go of that ideal a bit. However, when go someplace nice or have family photos taken, I get to choose what they wear. Take a look at these great kids' outfits you can dress your children in for your next big event.

Table of contents:

  1. Relaxed but stylish
  2. Tiny jeggings
  3. Sophisticated coat
  4. Sweater and jeans
  5. Slouchy hat
  6. Coordinated
  7. Black and white
  8. Yellow boots
  9. Headband
  10. 50s style
  11. Tall boots
  12. All dressed up
  13. All matched up
  14. Pink and camo
  15. Old style
  16. Wooly and warm
  17. A pop of color
  18. Polka dots
  19. Converse high tops
  20. Simple and comfy
  21. Ruffles
  22. Hair accessories
  23. By the pool
  24. Furry
  25. Lacy and girly
  26. Holiday fun
  27. A little bit southwestern
  28. Bright red
  29. Rockin' it
  30. Artist in training
  31. Little preppie
  32. Beach ready
  33. High tops
  34. Mustard yellow accessories
  35. Bowtie cool
  36. Punk skull
  37. Straw fedora
  38. Little winter style
  39. Collar under a sweater
  40. Little diva
  41. Lacy leg warmers
  42. Add a belt
  43. Grown up tie
  44. Red and green
  45. Ruffly and white
  46. Little scholar
  47. Lots of texture
  48. Leggings with ruffles
  49. Neon and leopard
  50. White cotton peasant
  51. Rock and roll
  52. Overalls
  53. Colored tights
  54. So much detail
  55. Scarf

1 Relaxed but Stylish

Via Kotki i puszki
I love kids' outfits that fit the trends, but are still conducive to lazy day at home.

2 Tiny Jeggings

Via BATB Lifestyle: A VONBON GIVEAWAY! ...
If anyone can pull of jeggings, this little girl can. I love the long shirt with them.

3 Sophisticated Coat

Via Your Favorite Things
Just because she's tiny doesn't mean she can't own a great coat.

4 Sweater and Jeans

Via kids fashion
This is what I dream of my boys wearing, but it isn't really for playing.

5 Slouchy Hat

Via How cute are these kids ...
The hat is a little but practical, but also a little bit punk for your little rock star.

6 Coordinated

Via How cute are these kids ...
It's so much fun to dress the kids in coordinated outfits for photo ops.

7 Black and White

Via Dear Lillie
All the shades of black and white come together to make this the perfect outfit.

8 Yellow Boots

Via How cute are these kids ...
What could be more fun for playing in the park than a pair of bright yellow rain boots.

9 Headband

Via Bed Room Photos: Dream room ...
The headband makes a great addition to this adorable outfit.

10 50s Style

Via Retro Baby Boy Outfit - ...
The rolled jeans and letter sweater make this a cute 50s style outfit.

11 Tall Boots

Via Club cinq - vestje - ...
Tall boots and skinny jeans on little girls is cute and appropriate for their age.

12 All Dressed up

Via 25 Totally Pretty Holiday Hairstyles ...
Some tights and a dress are perfect for so many occasions.

13 All Matched up

All the bows and colors and patterns flow from one part of the outfit to the next.

14 Pink and Camo

Via Choose Color / Light pink ...
For all those nature and hunting lovers out there, this adorable little outfit is an ideal choice.

15 Old Style

Via boho, indie, etno, vintage
She might be wearing retro styled clothes, but she still looks totally modern.

16 Wooly and Warm

Via How cute are these kids ...
This hat and these thermal tights would be perfect in any color.

17 A Pop of Color

Via Items similar to SALE- 2T ...
Make an outfit really stand out with a brightly colored pair of tights like these turquoise ones.

18 Polka Dots

Via hip...i can totally see quincy ...
The polka dot tights add so much personality to this outfit.

19 Converse High Tops

Via : Buy Free Shipping ...
Converse high tops look good with a huge number of clothes for both boys and girls.

20 Simple and Comfy

Via Boy and Girl Baby Leggings ...
It's a simple t-shirt and leggings, but it's super cute while also being easy to play in.

21 Ruffles

Via DIY Skirts 883: Repurposed men's ...
All little girls love ruffles and this sweater is perfect.

22 Hair Accessories

The hair accessories aren't needed to make this outfit cute, but they sure add to it.

23 By the Pool

Via Seersucker swing top, 6mos.- 6 ...
I love the big bow! This is the perfect outfit for playing by the water. She could wear her swimsuit underneath.

24 Furry

Via Joyfolie: DIY Wednesday - Curly ...
A furry vest and furry boots make this an outfit any girl would love to have in her closet.

25 Lacy and Girly

Via quotes / sayings
The tall boots emphasize the lace on her socks and dress so well.

26 Holiday Fun

Via Baby's 1st Christmas Outfit - ...
You could mix and match colors for the tutu and bow and make this outfit work for any holiday.

27 A Little Bit Southwestern

Via Things to do with Abby
It's flowy and adorable and this little outfit makes me think of Taos or something similar.

28 Bright Red

Via cute-kids-21
Foster your child's love of color with outfits in bright hues.

29 Rockin' It

Via Future Family
I have three boys and I would totally put them in these outfits for a picture or a party.

30 Artist in Training

She looks like she's ready to create something here. A sculpture maybe.

31 Little Preppie

Via My Future Kids
He looks adorable! This is a great combination of comfortable jeans with a nice sweater.

32 Beach Ready

Via Future Family and LIFE!
This guy is ready for a day on his yacht. Don't you think?

33 High Tops

Via How cute are these kids ...
The high tops keep this outfit casual so it doesn't look too over the top.

34 Mustard Yellow Accessories

Via MMMM Teal
Mustard yellow is a trendy color right now so this scarf and headband are perfect for little one.

35 Bowtie Cool

Via SuperMissFits: Honey Camo and Stripes>>>
The bowtie doesn't take over the outfit, but brings it from casual to formal enough for a fancy event.

36 Punk Skull

Skulls and crossbones are all over the place and this little shirt is ideal for your toddler.

37 Straw Fedora

Via An even longer time down ...
The hat makes this outfit great for a picnic or day on the lake.

38 Little Winter Style

Via Gift ideas
The hat and coat are stylish, but will also keep her super warm.

39 Collar under a Sweater

Via ▲▲▲ ART+ZOE ( les confettis! ...
This is a great first day of school look for girls both young and older.

40 Little Diva

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
The headband is so adorable and so are the legs on the tights!

41 Lacy Leg Warmers

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Leg warmers are a fun alternative to leggings. These lacy ones are so cute.

42 Add a Belt

For kids who tolerate belts, this look is super trendy and adorable.

43 Grown up Tie

Via Plaid Boys or Girls Necktie ...
Who says a little boy can't wear a regular tie? He looks great in his!

44 Red and Green

Via Items similar to The Grinch ...
Perfect for Christmas!

45 Ruffly and White

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
All those ruffles! I like the all white, but it probably won't stay clean for long.

46 Little Scholar

Via Little Ones Outfit Inspiration
He looks like he's ready to hit the classrooms at Yale or Harvard.

47 Lots of Texture

Via How CUTE are these kids ...
The denim, floral skirt and fur add a lot of texture to this outfit, but it totally works.

48 Leggings with Ruffles

Via Charcoal Grey Leggings with Ruffles ...
The color combo is wonderful and the ruffled tights make them something really special.

49 Neon and Leopard

Via BIMAA Sweater - PDF Sewing ...
I generally say that leggings aren't pants, but she can get away with it.

50 White Cotton Peasant

Via White Cotton Peasant Dress..NB, 3m, ...
Every girl, young or old, needs a white peasant dress hanging in her closet.

51 Rock and Roll

Via scrapbook.: Kids with style.
This kid is going to have hit records when he grows up.

52 Overalls

Via LINEN SUNSUIT | Rajovilla
Overalls aren't great for all kids, but tiny ones can rock them.

53 Colored Tights

Via How cute are these kids ...
Colored tights are so perfect for denim outfits.

54 So Much Detail

There's so much detail in this outfit, but it all comes together so nicely.

55 Scarf

Via cool outfits and jewelry
The scarf and pants coordinate so well in this look.

Do you go for super stylish when you dress your kids or let them choose their own look? I love all these looks, but my kids are more of the t-shirt and shorts kind of guys.

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