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When the holidays roll around, most parents start looking for Christmas outfits for kids. With so many choices (many more for girls than boys, I might add), it can be hard to choose the one you love best. After all, your child is going to be the star of many photographs, so you want to make sure he or she is looking their best, right? Plus, if you have professional shots taken, you'll want something really cute for your little one. If you need some inspiration, check out these awesome Christmas outfits for kids.

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Comfortable and Festive

Comfortable and Festive Via Welcome to SugarBabies -
Babies don't appreciate being dressed in uncomfortable clothing, so when you look for Christmas outfits for kids, look for something like this cute ensemble.


Snowman Tutu Dress

Snowman Tutu Dress Via Kids White Petticoat
What little girl wouldn't love wearing this fluffy snowman dress? Cute, isn't it?


Girly with Some Edge

Girly with Some Edge Via Kids Red Petticoat
Your baby girl will look adorable in this part rock and roll, part girly girl outfit.


Warm Sweater

Warm Sweater Via Joe Fresh: Stylish Women’s, Men’s, ...
You can't go wrong with a cute winter sweater when you put together an outfit for your baby.


Christmas Tutu

Christmas Tutu Via Crafty Texas Girls: Christmas is ...
Tutus are easy to make with tulle and elastic so you can create one in festive holiday colors.


Different but Festive

Different but Festive Via Monogram Dress- Infant Christmas Dress- ...
This dress doesn't look like any other Christmas dress, but it's still worthy of any holiday party.


Red Santa Claus Dress

Red Santa Claus Dress Via Red Santa Claus Dress - ...
What an adorable idea! Your daughter will get plenty of compliments on this dress.


Reindeer Dress

Reindeer Dress Via Items similar to Baby Doll ...
This adorable dress with a reindeer isn't over the top, but looks so cute with the striped leggings.


DIY Reindeer T-Shirt

DIY Reindeer T-Shirt Via Rust & Sunshine: Reindeer T-Shirt
Give your little man a reindeer on his shirt and be ready to take lots of pictures.


Holiday Colors

Holiday Colors Via bobbidazzler.com
Any outfit is holiday worthy with dashes of red like this one. I wish this came in an adult size!


Cardigan and Tie

Cardigan and Tie Via For My Chattanooga Family –
Your son will never look more adorable than he does wearing a cute sweater and necktie.


Santa Theme

Santa Theme Via You are being redirected...
This cute theme is so much fun and is sure to make everyone smile.


Lacy Dress

Lacy Dress Via BJ Couture Red Satin & ...
A lacy dress is every little girl's dream and this one is perfect for the holidays.


Newborn Outfit

Newborn Outfit Via French Press Knits: The Best ...
You can find loads of cute newborn outfits so your baby can celebrate her first holiday, even if she doesn't know it.


Red and White Striped Bloomers

Red and White Striped Bloomers Via Red and white striped bloomers ...
These bloomers are definitely festive, but are still comfortable for your baby to wear.


Red and Green

Red and Green Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Any dress looks like Christmas when it's made out of red and green fabric. Cute, huh?


Red and White

Red and White Via Dear Lillie: Lillie
Of course, a red and white color palette is just as holiday worthy as red and green.


Christmas Chevron Peasant Dress

Christmas Chevron Peasant Dress Via Christmas Chevron Peasant Dress! Beautiful ...
Isn't this adorable? If you can sew, it would probably be pretty easy to make on your own.


I Love Santa

I Love Santa Via tutuspoiled.com
Who doesn't love Santa? Advertise your love of him with this cute outfit.


Green and Black

Green and Black Via Women and Children's Clothing Boutique
Give your daughter a grown up look with a dress that isn't over the top with red, green, Santa, sparkles and etc.


Lots of Ruffles

Lots of Ruffles Via hadleyandfinn.com
If your girl loves ruffles, she will love having these pants in her closet.

How do you dress your child for the holidays? I have three boys and I love to do matching sweaters with dark wash jeans. Do you see an outfit on this list that you love?

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AWWWWWWWWWWW I see mostly little girls outfits still cute as a button

i would like to know where to purchase dresses made in this design than you

Love all of them.

#2 so cute I want to see the pattern please. .

my 2 yr old has a mrs santa dress this year.

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