7 Cool Clothing Shops for Kids That Will Not Disappoint ...


7 Cool Clothing Shops for Kids That Will Not Disappoint ...
7 Cool Clothing Shops for Kids That Will Not Disappoint ...

There are so many fashionista moms who inspire us how to dress, and now they are showing us where all the cool clothing shops for kids are too. I follow them on Instagram and Facebook and knew I just had to get the word out to our readers about these cool clothing shops for kids, because many of you are fashionistas who have little ones or will one day soon!

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The Printed Palette

The Printed Palette I’ve mentioned this shop before in my unique gift ideas for mom post at lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com, but they are one of my favorite cool clothing shops for kids as well! The prints at The Printed Palette are fashion forward and have great quotes like, “One Wild and Precious Life,” plus mom and baby can dress alike in matching tees! They are currently running a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign while supplies last, with proceeds going to Cancer Angels of San Diego. Stop by and tell Alissa, the shop owner, that I said hello.


Sugarplum Lane

Sugarplum Lane I can’t get enough of the adorable baby leggings at Sugarplum Lane; they have arrows, chevron print, little foxes, and more. No more boring leggings for babies and kids, plus the ones in this shop are organic. Bonus! But Sugarplum Lane has more than this; you will also find blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and headbands for your little ones. They are on etsy.com, so be sure to make an account to start shopping!


P.S. I Adore You

P.S. I Adore You The clothes and deals are cool at P.S. I Adore You, but what’s even better is that each month they donate to childhood cancer research and feature a child battling this horrible disease. They have sales that go towards helping the family of that child, but you can also directly donate to the family. There are great clothes and accessories for mom and baby, plus you get something cool to wear while helping little ones battle cancer. You can’t pass up that deal! Head on over to psiadoreyou.com and lend a helping hand with your purchase.


American Apparel

American Apparel So many labels and companies have their clothes made in other countries where the pay and working conditions are poor. That’s why many Americans have been trying to support all American made products and small businesses like American Apparel. They have clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Shop online or locate a store in your area for clothes you can be proud to dress your kids in.


Little Hip Squeaks

Little Hip Squeaks With a name like that you just know they’re cool! From a small little business on Etsy to opening their own e-commerce site, you just can’t help but to support a brand like that. There are adorable and brightly colored headbands, blankets, and apparel that will make your kid the cutest and coolest on the block! Shop owner Amy has a background in Graphic Design, so you know you’re going to get some awesome patterns when you check out her shop at littlehipsqueaks.com.


Urban Baby Runway

Urban Baby Runway In this cool clothing shop for kids you can find other hip and one of a kind names like the brand I just mentioned, Little Hip Squeaks! If you are looking for a one stop shop of different labels for kids, Urban Baby Runway is it. Other names she sells include House of Mia, Tiny Whales, Talking Threads, and more. Sizes are from newborn to six years, so if you have little ones in that size head on over to urbanbabyrunway.com.


Half Pint Citizens

Half Pint Citizens Their shop name couldn’t be cooler, and with a name like that, it just goes to show you how much they care about your kids and that they are all about kids! Plus, their store is in Brooklyn, and it doesn’t get much cooler than that! They have clothes, accessories, books, furniture, baby bottles, and just anything your half pint citizen may need! Check them out online or stop by their store in in NYC!

When you want your kids to be the coolest tots on the block, you've got to shop at hip young places! Do you know of any other cool clothing shops for kids?

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I'm a current shop owner on etsy and I looked up sugarplum lane several times and it couldn't be found :(

I made a purchased from PS I Adore You and never received it. When I emailed them they forwarded my email to the shop owner who had made the item- she said she'd look into it and gave me a tracking number that was useless. I emailed her and PS I Adore You several times after that with no response. I stopped following them on IG and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Crazy8 is a children's clothing store owned by Gymboree. It is inexpensive, yet high quality and has cute designs!

H&M have the cutest clothes and best prices

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