7 Activities to Enjoy with Your Children ...

I know as a parent it can be hard to join in activities with your children. Often we are too consumed with work, keeping the house together, or other adult obligations. Unfortunately, kids don’t stay little for too long. Soon your sweet little girl will be telling you how lame you are and slamming doors in disgust. I suggest you forget about cleaning and making dinner for a minute and enjoy some activities with your children.

1. Color

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No, I’m not talking about a boring old coloring book. Get creative. How impressed would your kids be if you pulled out a huge piece of butcher paper to color? I know my daughter would be through the roof happy.

2. Dance

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One activity for children that I can easily enjoy is dancing. We get crazy at my house with the dancing. My daughter and I have been known to turn the living room into an all night dance party. We turn out the lights, grab some glow sticks, crank up the music and dance around until we drop. When we have more people around, we sometimes play freeze dance.

3. Cook

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You can’t forget about dinner forever to enjoy activities with your children. Why not invite them into the kitchen for a little cooking class? Your little sous chefs are perfect helpers for grating cheese, mixing things up, and watching the timer.

4. Reading

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My daughter is a little older now and wants to read on her own. I must admit I miss reading some of the sillier children’s books with her. It’s fun to make up crazy voices for each of the different characters. I always tried to find ways to include her in the story either letting her be one of the characters or by giving her a sound to make when I read certain words. An example is quacking for the word duck.

5. Ride a Bike

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Bike riding is fun for everyone, not just an activity for kids. As a family we look for different parks or trails around our area to ride. It’s nice to mix up the scenery a little bit. To add to the fun we sometimes pack a lunch and have a picnic after our ride.

6. Flash Light Hide-n-Go Seek

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When the weather is nice you can play hide-n-go seek in the dark outside. This is good to do in your backyard. All you need is a flash light and open space.

7. Children’s Choice

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There is probably an activity for children that your kid would love to share with you. Ask them what they want to do. Let them know, it is completely up to them. You will be amazed at their excitement to play with mommy and there interesting creative ideas.

I hope you will enjoy doing these activities for children. Some of the ideas are pretty simple, but kids aren’t all that complicated. Most of the time they are pretty easy to entertain and keep happy. All you have to do is get involved. What are some activities you do with your children?

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