8 Tips on How to Cope with a Moody Teen ...


8 Tips on How to Cope with a Moody Teen ...
8 Tips on How to Cope with a Moody Teen ...

Every parent will need to know how to cope with a moody teen. It's an inevitable phase of growing up. Fortunately it does pass, even if it seems as though your delightful little cherub has mutated into the spawn of the devil. So here are some tips on how to cope with a moody teen and still keep your sanity …

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Passing Phase

When wondering how to cope with a moody teen leaves you at your wits end, try to bear in mind that it is a phase they nearly all go through. Hang on in there! Even if it seems endless, this stage will come to an end. Eventually you'll get your lovely child back again.


Remember What It Was like!

Be honest - did you make your parents' lives difficult when you were a teen? Ask them what you were like, and you may be astonished how they roll their eyes and look up to heaven. Remember what it was like to be a teen yourself, and you will have more sympathy with your own kids.



Hormones are incredibly powerful, and influence our behaviour a lot. Just think how we women can be when in the grip of PMS! Your teen can't help being so difficult; it's a tough time for them. So as annoying as their attitude may be, try to be tolerant.



Sometimes teens try to provoke a reaction; it's part of their bid for independence. If they're just being obnoxious, take no notice of them. Like a small child throwing a tantrum, don't reward their behaviour with attention or show that they are getting to you. Walk away if you get seriously stressed.


Find out if There's a Problem

Try to talk to your teen and see if something is bothering them. Are they being bullied? Have they fallen out with a friend? What might seem like a minor issue to us can be a big deal to a teen. If they don't want to talk, let them know that they can confide in you any time.


Let Them Develop

Teens can sometimes be moody if they feel that you are stifling them. Of course there needs to be rules for their own protection. Try, though, to let them develop and grow as a person. Soon enough they are going to have to become independent, so encourage them to explore and expand their horizons.


Serious Problem

In most cases, there's nothing worrying about a teen being moody. However, be alert for any serious problem. It can be tough for teens these days. And if you have any reason to suspect that your teen is actually suffering from depression, get them to a doctor without delay.


Reassure Them

Give your teen plenty of reassurance that you are there to support them. Don't try to be their best friend, as that will simply embarrass them! Let them talk to you about their feelings if they want to confide in you, and reassure them that what they are going through is perfectly normal.

By the time you are old enough to be the parent of a teen, it is easy to forget just how difficult the teen years were. It's certainly not the easiest stage in your life! As a parent, you will need a lot of patience, and the toddler stage will probably seem easy in comparison. But you'll all survive! How have you coped with a difficult teen, or were you the teen from hell yourself?

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@Ashley Delgado ditto

Totally agree although I probably wasn't an east teenager, smothering by an overbearing parent really did make everything worse.

My parents turned a blind eye of denial when I began smoking drinking becoming involved with boys and suffering from a destructive eating disorder .. Educate yourself and look for signs it can happen to anyone

Just leaving the "moody teen phase" myself, I can say that most of the attitude is actually in retaliation to pushy or intrusive parents. The moodiness is usually not on offense, it's a defense. The biggest thing we teens want is our own space to grow. The world expects us to act like adults, but still treats us like children, and most of us are genuinely struggling with figuring out who we are and what we want. So, this article is the perfect advice for how to deal with a moody teen.

I was only ever a moody teen because of the lack of communication between parents and I. In my 20s now and I'm sure my parents think I'm moody. Lol.

As a mother of two teenagers and of course being a teen once upon a time. We make our house rules clear and firm so the kids know when they break them and know what the consequences are. Still doesn't make it easy tho! It's a balance in giving freedom and trusting they will make good decisions. letting them know we love them and support them as we struggle thru this age!

Hormones are a big one, but they don't have to be a good bio identical progesterone cream, along with changes in diet, plenty of sleep, watching chemicals being used around the house and being put on her skin would help. These are just a few of the ways to help with hormones. There are lots more. Contact me if you want more information.

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