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8 Tips for Shopping with Kids ...

By Jordin

If you are a mother, knowing tips for shopping with kids will come in handy whether you are grocery shopping or leisurely shopping. As most mothers will tell you, shopping with kids can be challenging, but there are ways to make the process go smoother. Keep on reading to find out my tips for shopping with kids, and remember that these tips are tried and true!

1 Know when to Go

If you’re braving the grocery store with kids in tow, here is one of my most important tips for shopping with kids. Go at the right times! Weekends and evenings are likely to be more crowded in the grocery store. If you can go in the morning or afternoon, you will have an easier time of it! Crowds are never fun to fight with munchkins in your arms.

2 Satisfy Basic Needs First

An easy way to make sure that your kids aren’t cranky or irritable while you shop is to make sure they have been fed and had a good nap before you head out the door. Often, a hungry or sleepy child can make shopping a difficult chore for mom. At least try and give your kids a snack on the way to the store if you don’t have time to feed them lunch.

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3 Amuse Your Kids While Shopping

One way you can keep your kids busy and quiet while you shop is to take along a grab bag. You can fill it full of favorite toys and little books or things you know will keep your kids' attention. This works for any shopping trip, so if you’re spending the day at the mall, give it a try! You can even pack several different smaller bags within one large bag, so that when the toys in one bag get boring, you can put them away and bring out a new bag!

4 Checkout Lane Challenges

The checkout lane can be a mom’s worse nightmare. All the candy and toys just begging to be noticed never escape the eyes of little children! A way to get around the fiasco that may ensue if you deny your little one a candy bar is to give them a snack while you load groceries onto the register. This little tip may just be a lifesaver to many a mom out there!

5 Shopping with Older Kids

Shopping with older kids can sometimes be a bit more challenging since you can’t really put them in the cart with you. Here’s a great way to keep older kids occupied. Let them help you shop! Give them items to look for that they will recognize, and then have them put them in the cart as they find them. Make it a contest; tell your child that you will finish finding your items before they finish finding theirs!

6 The Rewards System

Throughout all of history, nothing has worked better to give kids incentive than promising them a treat if they behave well. This treat could be an ice cream, a new toy, a visit to a friend’s house, or something else you know will be fun for them. The key is to follow through with your word, whether they behaved or not. If your kids don’t behave well, don’t reward them anyways.

7 Remembering Limits

When it comes to shopping with kids, moms and kids alike can only take so much. Remember to recognize limits! If you can tell your child has reached a breaking point, or if you can’t handle anymore shopping, then it’s time to go home. You can always finish shopping another time!

8 Just Say No

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell your kids “no,” especially when you know they have been wanting something for a long time, or if you are just tired of dealing with your child begging for something. Remember that it IS okay to say “no.” Be firm, and consistent, but loving and kind. Being hateful will not get you results!

Have you ever gone shopping with kiddos along for the ride? What was your experience? We love hearing from our readers, so if you have any tips for shopping with kids, don’t hesitate to comment below! Thanks for reading!

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