7 Ways to Show Your Kids Some Love This Week ...


7 Ways to Show Your Kids Some Love This Week ...
7 Ways to Show Your Kids Some Love This Week ...

Finding ways to show your kids love should be at the top of every mother’s priority list! Kids need to know that they are loved and accepted, and who better to show them than their own mother? Of course the little things you do for your child every day prove your love to him or her, but how about making it a point to do some extra special things this week to make your child feel as special as they are! Here are 7 ways to show your kids love this week, one for each day of the week!

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Monday is the best day of the week to find ways to show your kids love! Adults know how lousy Mondays can be, and it’s no different for kids! After a weekend spent chilling at home, getting back into the routine of school or daycare can be rough. Today, send a special surprise in your child’s backpack or lunchbox. It could be a yummy treat or a new toy, or even a special note from mom. Your child will be thrilled that you thought of him or her!



Today would be the perfect time to get creative with your child. Take a moment when you get home from work and school to make something together! It could be something edible, like cookies or cake, or something artsy, like a finger-painting. You could go all out and plant a flower in your backyard if you feel like it! Show your child some love by giving the gift of your full time and attention, and encouraging creativity.



Time to break up the mid-week blues! You can show your child some love today by having a good old-fashioned pillow fight! Since moms usually ban pillow fights in the house because of the accidents that may occur, your kids will love that you are encouraging one this time! Pillow fights are fun for every age, so go ahead and get dad in on the fun if he’s around. If not, then you and your kids will still have a blast playing together.



Thursday is a perfect day to bring home a surprise for your child when you get home from work/school. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, but kids like to get treated every now and then too! If you have a few extra dollars to spare, pick up a candy bar or a little toy you know your child will love.



As the week is coming to an end, here is a splendid idea for a great way to show your love to your children: Start a new tradition together! It doesn’t need to be anything really time-consuming, but just putting out the effort will let your child know that you think he or she is really special. A few good ideas would be reading a book aloud together in the evenings, making a meal together one night a week, playing a special board game every Friday night, trying a something new once a week, or eating your favorite candy together while watching cartoons.



Saturday is a great day for taking your child on a “date”! Kids adore this idea, and most parents find it to be pretty fun too. Let your child pick out the day’s activities and go with it! As long as your date is affordable, fun, and you two spend the time together, this idea is sure to be a hit. If your child needs help choosing something to do, give them a few ideas to get started on.



You’ve had a busy week full of loving your child, so today will just consist of showing your love the old-fashioned way: physical touch. Take a day off and just spend it cuddling together on the couch. Don’t miss any opportunity today to give your child a hug or kiss on the cheek, and remind them of how much you will always love him or her!

No one can ever take the place of a mother, and that’s why it’s so important to be the mom your child needs! Every mother has crazy weeks, where there’s just no time to fit anything extra into the schedule, but when you have some downtime, use it to make your babies feel loved and adored. What do you think of my list of ways to show your kids some love?

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I have five small children all under the age of ten and this is soooooo true!!!! I only wish more parents would practice this


I LOVE that you wrote an article on this! I'm a mom of a special needs child who struggles with a lot, so each day we try to include a little SONETHING special

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