8 Important Ways to Childproof Your Home Today ...


8 Important Ways to Childproof Your Home Today ...
8 Important Ways to Childproof Your Home Today ...

If you’re expecting a baby, you should know ways to childproof your home! It will be a few months before baby is up and moving around, but it’s good to be prepared when that time arrives. Remember, nothing can replace your loving and watchful eye, but taking a few safety precautions for those moments when your back is turned is a very good idea. Read on to learn 8 ways to childproof your home!

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Cover Electrical Outlets

One of the important ways to childproof your home is by covering all electrical outlets. If your little explorer decides to stick a finger or a toy into an unprotected light socket, there might be serious repercussions. You can buy little guards to insert in the outlets that baby won’t be able to remove.


Put Breakables out of Reach

Babies are curious, and love to explore. It’s a good idea to place all breakables or choke-able items up high and out of reach. A vase or glass candy bowl could shatter and cut or even bruise your baby if he or she pulled the item onto their head or toes!


Toss Furniture with Sharp Edges

When your little one starts pulling up on furniture and eventually walking, there will likely be lots of falls. If you have a table or other furniture item with sharp edges, this can pose a huge hazard for baby to fall and get a dangerous cut. Make sure to either get rid of any furniture with sharp edges or apply padding to protect baby!


Keep Kitchen Knives up High

It’s a good idea to make sure that all scissors, razors, and knives are always kept out of reach. If you have a knife block on your counter, make sure it’s kept where the baby can’t reach it. For lower levels cabinets, only store pots and pans or other items that won’t be harmful if your baby discovers them.


Install Baby Gates near Stairs

Stairs are perhaps a baby’s favorite place to frequent, but one of the easiest places for injuries to occur! It’s a good idea to place baby gates at the top and bottom of your stairs. You can also use baby gates to seal off a room that you don’t want your baby to go into!


Add Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Household cleaning products and medicine can be kept away from your sweetheart if you employ the aid of cabinet and drawer locks! Any drawer or cabinet that has something you want to keep away from your baby can be fitted with a cabinet lock! They are easy to install and easy for adults to maneuver, but babies can’t get the drawer open.


Glass Door Precautions

Having a sliding glass door can present a danger for your baby who is learning to walk. He or she could run smack into the door and not even realize it’s there! To prevent this from happening, place some stick-on decals or suction cups toys on the door at your baby’s eye level.


Keep Bathrooms Sealed off

Bathrooms are full of potential dangers for little tots. The best way to keep your baby out when you aren’t present is to seal the room off. Leave the door shut, or put up a baby gate. If these options aren’t suitable, consider adding a toilet lock, cabinet locks, and always making sure you empty the tub after each use.

Childproofing can be stressful, since your baby’s safety is your number one concern. But just set aside a day to dedicate to childproofing, and you will have it all done in no time. Perhaps your spouse or partner can help out! Do you have any tips for childproofing your home?

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Secure furniture and tvs. If you still have the box style television, make sure it's eye level to the child.

All great reasonable suggestions! Our friends 1st was 2 months you get than ours & EVERYTHING was on lock-down - ridiculous...I couldn't even open their doors without "instructions". The best baby proofing is teaching them. It sets boundaries, they learn cause & effect, rewards & consequences - all which boost emotional, physical & intellectual development. Most importantly - let them live! By no means do I advocate not putting a gate in the stairs - but locking a closet w nothing in it - cuts off their natural curiosity or enhances it ; ) this making already tired parents exhausted. Always encourage that innate beauty & relive all the joys of youth w (slightly) more knowledge. Namaste. Enjoy the ride!

Oh Yeah I remember those days with my two princesses

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