7 Important Reasons to Read with Your Children ...

By Lauren

7 Important Reasons to Read with Your Children ...

There are so many reasons to read with your children, but sadly many parents just don’t read enough with their kids. Children too young to read for themselves should be read to by their parents, while older children will benefit from listening, but should ideally spend at least some of their allotted reading time reading aloud. But what are these important reasons to read with your children?

1 Together Time

One of the best reasons to read with your children is that it’s a great opportunity for you to bond. If you set aside a time to read together each evening (even if only for 15 or 20 minutes) and stick to it, your children will know that they will get some quality time with you every day, regardless of how busy you may be.

2 Academic Achievement

There have been too many studies to mention that have looked into the benefits of early reading, and all have found that children whose parents read to them from a young age are more likely to be successful throughout all of their formal education.

3 A Love of Reading

If children are used to reading regularly from a young age, it won’t become a chore that’s just a requirement for school. Not only will it be easier for you as a parent, but if your children enjoy reading, they will grow into independent learners who will succeed academically.

4 Language Acquisition

For very small children, listening to you read can greatly help to develop their basic speech skills as they become accustomed to the basic sounds that form our language. Older children will expand their vocabularies through reading, as they not only stumble across new words but also see them used in context.

5 Discipline and Concentration

Learning to sit still and pay attention as a toddler will work wonders for when children start school and have to listen hard all day long. Studies have shown that children who read with their parents regularly have far fewer behavioral issues, which is better for you, your children, and everyone around them.

6 Recognizing Problems

Schoolteachers often have so many children in one class that it can take them a while to pick up on any difficulties that one child may be having. But if you read with your children each day, you’ll soon notice if they’re finding reading very difficult or if they’re behind where they should be for their age. You’ll also notice their exact weak points and be able to help them properly.

7 Emotional Health

Books are a great way in when it comes to talking to your child about different emotions, and reading will help children to develop a sense of empathy. If something bad happens to a character, you can discuss how the character may feel, or how your child may feel in that situation. Your kids will then be more likely to talk to you about how they feel as they grow up, too.

With so many important reasons to read with your children, more parents really should be doing it on a daily basis. It’s just about the best thing that you can do with children to help them become successful adults, and is therefore really worth the investment of your time. How much time do you spend reading with your children?

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