7 Fun Things You Can do with Kids without Any Risk of Injury ...


7 Fun Things You Can do with Kids without Any Risk of Injury ...
7 Fun Things You Can do with Kids without Any Risk of Injury ...

I don't know about you but I have a kid and I babysit A LOT, and I'm always on the lookout for things you can do with kids without them getting hurt. I never want my son to get hurt (obviously) and I also hate giving kids back to their parents with bumps and scratches (seriously, how do kids manage to hurt themselves so much so quickly?). So, I've developed a few babysitting things you can do with kids without any risk of them getting hurt.

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Make No Bake Cookies

Make No Bake Cookies You can find the recipe for my favorite no bake cookies here at allrecipes.com. Once you remove the risk of burning a kid on the oven, cooking with kids becomes fun again. Sure, there will be a bit of a mess to clean up but that's better than the inevitable kissing of boo boos that comes when you make a batch of chocolate chip. This is one of my favorite things you can do with kids because you keep them busy and you get a pretty yummy snack without having to do a lot of work!


Make Edible Playdough

Make Edible Playdough You can find a recipe for edible playdough here at allrecipes.com. I love this edible playdough (I won't lie, I usually wind up eating most of it while I mix it). Kids are always sticking everything in their mouths and with this, you don't have to worry about how much of it they eat. I know that it seems like it would be sticky but mostly, the powdered milk takes care of the stickiness! So, you get a few minutes of peace while the kids make shapes and, they get a snack too!


Build a Fort

Build a Fort What kid doesn't like a fort? Answer: no kids hate forts. I use the two bookshelves in the living room and the coffee table to make a cool triangle fort. If you're trying to avoid injury make sure that you only use secured furniture as the base. Or, if you're putting a blanket over a table, make sure it isn't a fold up table! You can also use old boxes to build a fort!


Have a Table Top Finger Painting Class

Have a Table Top Finger Painting Class This one has the potential to be messy if you don't do it right. The first and most important thing you need to do is wrap your table in plastic wrap. Then lay down the paper. Then, next to the paper on the plastic wrap, put down globs of paint. Then, wrap the whole thing in plastic again. That way, the kids can finger paint through the plastic, they won't get paint on their hands and all you have to do it pull all the plastic wrap up for a clean up with no risk of being covered in paint yourself.


Identify Plants and Animals in Your Area

Identify Plants and Animals in Your Area If it's nice out, this is actually fun for kids and it will teach them something. Go for a walk and on that walk, point out all the different plants and animals you see and try to identify them. It's very easy when you walk down a street that's lined with flower beds. Plus, when that gets boring you can start making up names for everything (which can get pretty silly pretty fast!).


Start a Windowsill Garden

Start a Windowsill Garden This is fun and it's good for something later. I started an herb garden when I was watching the two little girls next door. Just wet a paper towel and let the kids sprinkle the seeds and fold up the paper towel. Put that paper towel in a sandwich bag and set it in the windowsill that gets a lot of sun for about a week. Once the seeds start to sprout, put them in a tiny pot or planter box in the window. The kids will love to see the plants in the different stages when they come back, especially if they get to help plant the plants in the dirt!


Play Find the Cloud Shape

Play Find the Cloud Shape I live in Washington so it's pretty cloudy about 60% of the time. I found that when it's warm out, taking the kids out and laying down on a blanket will help spark their imaginations when you ask them to find cloud shapes. They start kind of slowly but once you get going, the kids will get pretty silly.

Well ladies, these are the things that I do with the kids I watch (and have) that don't have any risk of injury. What do you do with your kids that keeps them safe while being fun? Let me know down below!

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