7 Ways to Help Your Teen Build a Healthy Body Image ...


Most parents have to help their kids through various perceived crises and in terms of health, and well being, you’ll certainly want to be able to help your teen build a healthy body image. Mass media and the onslaught of celeb mania means our teens are growing up in a world where they have been socialised to believe looks are everything. And while taking care of yourself is a good thing to instil in teens, there is a fine line between being body image conscious and obsession. Here are 7 ways to help your teen build a healthy body image:

1. Eat Together as a Family

Yes okay, long gone are the days of the traditional family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat together. Eating together every evening at the same time will help your teen build a healthy body image. Families who talk together after a busy day instead of chowing down in front of the TV while their brains switch off between grinds of their cheeseburger are not giving their kids the space to connect with them every day. Switch the TV off when you eat.

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