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Your little ones may be singing the end of summer blues, but with these ways to get your kids excited about school, they'll be looking forward to getting to the bus stop each morning. From seeing their friends to learning new things, you can turn their frowns upside down with these simple ways to get your kids excited about school.

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One of the easiest ways to get your kids excited about school is to talk about all of the fun that they will have with their friends. Over the summer, many kids don't get the chance to interact with a lot of the friends they get to see during the school year. Parents' jobs, camps and vacations can all limit the amount of time they see one another. Remind your kids that they will get to not only see old friends more often, but that they'll have the chance to make new ones when school starts.



Not many kids are tempted by the thought of learning algebra or how to write a formal letter; however, learning is the most important thing about school and you can get your mini-me's excited about the school year by getting them excited about learning. Present them with some hands-on science experiments to get them excited about learning. Talk about the value of knowing how to write a formal letter so that they can send a letter to their favorite celebrity. Remember to appeal to their age and their interests and you'll get them excited about going back to school to learn.



Everyone loves to get new things, and the new school year is a great time to get new things. Take your kids on a shopping trip to get some new duds and some new supplies. They'll love the idea of showing off their new purchases to their friends.


Super Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and your tykes will get super excited when you switch out their normal bowl of corn flakes for a special breakfast of their favorite waffles or eggs. The aroma coming from the kitchen will entice them to get out of bed and get going.


Back to School Party

The end of the school year is usually met with big celebrations; however, the beginning of the school year is just as much a cause for celebration. Get your kids super excited for the upcoming school year by throwing a fun-filled back to school party. Pick a theme, invite some friends, play some games and have a blast. Try throwing the party the weekend before school starts, or the first weekend that school is in session.


Take a Tour

If your kiddo is headed to a new school this year, take her on a tour. The thought of attending a new school can be quite nerve wracking and visiting the school can certainly ease those nerves. See if a teacher or the principal will be your tour guide.


After School Treats

Before your kids get on the school bus, let them know that they will have a special treat in store for them when they get home, or at the end of the first week of school (so long as they get a good report). You'll be amazed by how excited they will be to get to school!

It can be rough transitioning from the lazy days of summer to the routines of the school year. These tricks may get your kids even more excited for school than they are for summer. Which one do you think your kids will like the best?

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