7 Simple Things Children Can Teach You about Life ...


7 Simple Things Children Can Teach You about Life ...
7 Simple Things Children Can Teach You about Life ...

Oftentimes just like the majority of people in the world, you mistakenly believe that children know nothing about life until they learn from observing the adults around them, but you don’t realize just how many things children can teach you about life. Although they might not be educated on what the world has to offer, they know how to approach life in ways we don’t. So here are 7 things children can teach you about life!

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Live in the Moment

If you have ever observed children throughout their day, you probably noticed how they tend to live in the moment. They don’t let their worries (as small as they may be) to get in the way of their happiness and instead they enjoy their present. They don’t dwell on the past or their future, but take in what the world has to offer in that second. Enjoying everything life moment by moment is one of the main things children can teach you about life.


Believe in Miracles

Children believe in magical things such as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and no matter how impossible those things may sound, they still choose to believe as long as they can. On the other hand adults are so hasty to dismiss miracles that they devoid their life of hope. There is no need to believe in magic to believe in miracles. All you need is hope, which can brighten up your outlook on life.


Speak out

Children never suppress their emotions. You will know whether they are hungry, happy, upset, or excited. They will always speak out on what they want and what they are not comfortable with. This is something that we should learn from them because adults tend to keep their feelings and emotions inside which can lead to miscommunication. You have to let others know just what you think and what you feel because there is no way others can treat you the way you want to be treated if they don’t know how you feel.


Be Accepting

Children are pure and open-minded from the start. They don’t discriminate against beliefs, religion or race until they are taught to do so. They are not afraid to experience new things and try something unfamiliar to them. It’s admirable and something that we should learn from them. Having an open mind can open so many more doors and opportunities that can get you far in life.


Do What Makes You Happy

Children usually go for something that makes them happy. They choose toys that they personally like, they watch cartoons that they enjoy and they eat the food pleases their taste buds. They don’t do things that make them unhappy and depressed and instead go with their gut. Adults should do just that! Don’t abuse yourself and limit yourself to things that you don’t enjoy doing. If you are not comfortable with something and not happy, it is a sign that you should move on.


Be Daring

Oftentimes we let fear get in the way of what we want. We over-analyze things and make them more complicated than they are in reality. Instead we should exercise being dauntless just like children often are. This is the main reason why children pick up sports so easily. They don’t think, ‘Oh that can really hurt my arm’ and instead just go for it. Taking a chance can often benefit you in ways you don’t realize.


Explore Your Interests

The main way children learn is through their curiosity. They ask questions, touch things and observe people around them. They are solely driven by their curiosity to learn things about life. However you don’t see that in adults. There comes a point in time when we stop asking questions, stop wondering about ‘what if’ situations and just settle down with what we know. Our learning process should not stop just when we transition into adults; we have powerful minds that are capable of much more.

Children might have just recently come onto this Earth, but there are some things that they are aware of that we are not. They constantly remind us to go back to our roots and enjoy life without the stress and pressure that comes with it. What are some things that you have learned from children? Share in the comments!

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I'm blown away by what my kids understand and think about the world around them

I love this!

So true! I adore this article :)

People tell me they love that I can still act like a kid :)

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