7 Interesting Things Your Kid's Teacher Won't Tell You ...


7 Interesting Things Your Kid's Teacher Won't Tell You ...
7 Interesting Things Your Kid's Teacher Won't Tell You ...

It’s not easy being a teacher but it’s really rewarding in so many ways, especially if you, as a parent, are willing to help out a little bit and pay attention to those things your kid’s teacher won’t tell you. These are things you really need to know in order to acknowledge their hard work and contribute to your child's education in your own way. Teachers spend a lot of time with children, so they get to know them pretty well, and that’s why sometimes they probably know more about your kid than you do. You should value their opinion and their advice because, just like you, they also want the best for your child. Even if you do get along very well with them, there are still a few things your kid’s teacher won’t tell you.

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It’s Their Homework, Not Yours

Most teachers know that you are usually helping your kid do his or her homework because they do know what your child can or can’t do. It’s okay to help them with different things they don’t understand, but you shouldn’t do their homework for them. There is a reason why it’s their homework and not yours. So, when it comes to things your kid’s teacher won’t tell you, I guess this is the most common.


Make Time for Your Kids

I know that nowadays everyone is extremely busy and most parents work really hard to provide for their family. Despite all this, you should try to make more time to spend with your little ones because all those presents that you might buy them are nothing compared to those precious moments spent together. Just talk to them and find out who they are, what they want, what scares them or what makes them happy. Your kid would like to see that you are really interested in his or her life.


Teachers Are Not Marriage Counselors

There are people who are very open and usually talk about their problems with anyone willing to listen. If you’re one of them, you should know that when you’re talking to your kid’s teacher, you should stick only to those topics concerning your child’s progress or education. Teachers are not marriage counselors and they don’t need to know about everything that goes wrong in your marriage. I don’t want to seem harsh, but if you really need help, go and see a therapist and solve your marriage problems; the sooner, the better.


Teach Your Kid Good Manners

I don’t want to offend anyone because I know that most parents work very hard on giving their children a proper education and also pay a lot of attention to teaching them to behave in a civilized manner. But, there are also some parents who, due to their lack of time or due other different reasons, tend to neglect those aspects. Remember, a child’s manners are a reflection of his or her parents, so try to correct your kid’s unflattering behavior.


“We Remember Happy Students”

It may come as a surprise for you, but studies have shown that teachers usually remember those students that are always happy and respectful and not the ones that have really high grades. Teach your child good manners and help him or her enjoy life. They should be enjoying their childhood and not worry about all kinds of things, they will have enough time when they grow up.


Teachers Don’t like Tests Either

Most teachers dislike giving tests just as much as your child dislikes taking them. They have to do it though, because it’s part of their job, even though they believe they can evaluate your child’s progress using alternative methods. Also, it’s a lot of extra work they have to take home with them, so you can see why it’s not that pleasant for them either.


Let Your Child Make Mistakes

I know you only want what’s best for your child, but you should allow him or her to make some mistakes every now and then. Don’t always come to his or her rescue! Allow them to fail and make sure they learn from those mistakes. By allowing your children to choose for themselves, you will make them feel independent and strong.

Remember that you are your kid’s first and most important teacher. Always set a good example for your child and be there for him or her! Can you think of other things your kid’s teacher might be hiding from you? Do tell!

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Thank you for posting on a teacher's behalf.

I teach high school as well... I agree with each of these!!!

Great article

You're pretty right on. I teach high school and yes, the solution is obvious to us but we can't tell the parents because they'll take it as an insult or criticism.

my sister teaches year one and this is so correct! so many parents aren't spending enough time teaching their own children how to be polite, and do as they're told anymore. I dread to think this generation is our future sometimes.

I raised 3 kids and now doing the grandma gig. As I read through this I realized that 30 years of raising kids had taught me a lot of these. And often, the lesson came from my child!

Thank you for this article. I teach kindergarten and grade 1, and you are spot on! Especially the part about manners and spending time with the child

I was a preschool teacher at two different institutions. One being private and expensive and the other being public, the difference was remarkable between the children's behavior. Same age kids, only different locations and upbringings. No matter the age of the student I totally agree that their behavior is reflected through their parents.

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