10 Toddler Approved Fall Activities That You've Got to Try ...


The leaves are changing, the weather is milder, the days are shorter, and you’re on the hunt for toddler approved fall activities. Well as a mother of two toddler/preschool aged kiddos I have tried them all, and here are a few of my little monkeys' favorite toddler approved fall activities. Hey, you just might enjoy them as much as the tots!

1. Farmer’s Market

This is great for everyone because you get to do some shopping while the tots get to enjoy the outdoors. Some markets even have kid-friendly events like cooking demos, contest and crafts, making the market a staple in toddler approved fall activities. My kids have actually gotten to know a few of the farmers at our market and look forward to seeing their friends every Saturday. Check for farmer’s markets in your area online at localharvest.org

Go Picking
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