10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids ...


10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids ...
10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids ...

Summer activities for kids starts to weigh on as the school year starts to end and the weather heats. I’m sure we all remember those long hot months during summer vacation. I was so thankful to have a break from school, but also very bored from lack of things to do. I’ve come up with a list of summer activities for kids to help make this the best summer vacation ever.

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Do you remember running through the sprinklers as a kid? I loved running through them. It was a great time. I plan to pull out the sprinkles this summer. You can make it even better by adding in a few slip-n-slides, and a couple of small pools to create a water obstacle course in your backyard.


Sidewalk Chalk

Oh, just think of all the amazing things you can create with sidewalk chalk. How about this summer you encourage your kids to make your driveway the brightest on the block? In fact, why not get out there and help them make an insane mural as a fun summer activity for kids.


Catch Lightening Bugs

You really haven’t lived until you’ve fallen asleep watching the twinkling butts on lightening bugs in a jar. It’s like a living nightlight. To catch lightening bugs you need a jar with a lid and fast hands. Head outside just as the sun is setting and looking for blinking yellow lights. When you see them come near quickly clasp your hands together to catch the bug. Put the bug in your jar. Don’t forget puncture a few holes in the lid so the lightening bugs can breathe.


Water Gun Fight

Here is another water summer activity for the kids to enjoy this summer. I remember one year as a kid my brother got this amazing water gun that had a bag he carried on his back to hold the water. He had a constant stream of water. I, on the other hand, had a gun that needed to be refilled after each shot. Needless to say, I didn’t win any water gun fights that summer, but we had the best time.


Outdoor Twister

This could be so much fun. Grab a couple cans of spray paint and create your own game of twister right on your grass. The paint will easily go away the next time your mow and it’s not harmful to the grass.



Sometimes it’s just too hot to enjoy outside activities. No worries, there are plenty of fun indoor summer activities for kids too. Check the bowling alley in your area. In the past some chains have given children free games with the purchase of the shoe rental.



Also check your local movie theater. Some chains offer a cheap movie once a week over the summer. They also offer discounts on concessions. It’s a great way to beat the heat and not have to spend too much money.


Weekly Library Trip

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean the children need to slack off on reading. I like to take regular trips to the library. My local library has tons of great summer activities for kids. Last year my daughter took an art class for free. I can’t wait to see what they have planned this year.


Camp Outs

You don’t have to travel to the lake or a campground to have a nice camp out. I bet your backyard will work just fine. Grab some blanks, flashlights, snacks and your tent and enjoy a backyard family camp out this summer.


Pajama Day

The great thing about summer is getting to relax. You don’t always have to run around town or come up with crazy ways to keep the kids entertained. Plan a couple of pajama days this summer. Spend the day at home in your pajamas watching movies, taking naps, and enjoying the day off.

I am already excited for summer. We have tons of fun summer activities for the kids planned. What kind of things do you like to do during the summer months?

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