9 Brilliant Tips to Help Your Child Succeed ...


9 Brilliant Tips to Help Your Child Succeed ...
9 Brilliant Tips to Help Your Child Succeed ...

As parent, relative, or friend we want the best possible start for the children we care about; seeking tips to help your child succeed becomes a way of life. We pay attention to homework and report cards. These documents provide a view of progress and suggest strengths and weaknesses. My son experienced some challenges in his school performance. After a few talks, some observation, and review, we figured out a few ways to help improve his work and do well. Below are a few tips to help your child succeed that worked for us.

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Talk Together

One of the most effective tips to help your child succeed is to talk with them about their day. Ask about school work and homework, and about their day: the ups and downs. This may sound a little tedious or intrusive to some, but it is important to show your interest in their comfort and progress. You have lots of important and comforting statements in your head - share them. Talking about school shows that you believe education is important.


Review Recent Work

Review recent schoolwork: the good, the bad, and the in-between. Take your time and focus on one subject at a time. Read carefully to ensure you understand what you see. This sort of review can help you identify areas of strength and weakness. It can also provide a framework for discussion.


Communicate with Teachers

If you are able to home school your children fantastic! However, many of us do not home school our children for various reasons. As such, our children spend hours in the classroom with some of our many talented teachers! Talk with your child’s teacher. They may have excellent learning strategies and recommendations for tools and online resources. Your child’s teacher can also alert you to social issues that may be affecting your child’s performance.


Solve the Problem out Loud

Talking with the teacher works well but another suggestion that helped my son improve was reading the problem out loud. This tip is especially helpful because hearing the problem read back enabled him to better spot the error. In the beginning, this approach seemed a bit crazy to him and who could blame him! But he gave it a shot and found this technique to be immensely helpful!


List Online Resources

There are many free learning resources available on the Internet. Websites such as Discovery Kids and National Geographic Magazine provide great online learning and research tools for kids of all ages. Khan Academy is another fabulous online resource that we love! Create a reference list of helpful websites and post it next to your computer or display it on the refrigerator. Or, better yet, create a bookmark folder on your web browser for easier access.


Create a Quiet Study Space

My son likes to do his homework on the living room floor. Nevertheless, he inevitably ends up at the dining room table. It’s a hodge-podge but comfortable sort of place with a nook in the back that we converted to a small study area. We installed a small desk and computer, and other necessities for homework and projects. He loves it! If you haven’t already, choose a comfortable, quiet-ish spot in your home so your child can settle in and get to work, comfortably.


Praise Good Work

Reward your child with kind words and hugs for a job well-done or finished project. Your words have more power than you know and go a long way in encouraging your student. Think about giving special recognition for extra achievements like presentations or final exams. One of our favorite things to do is have a special meal after a big exam.


Give Them Space

We mean well when we ask about their classes five times a day, or when we hover a little while they work. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of those “mommy” tendencies. But, sometimes, it is necessary. We all need space and time alone to think, engage a creative outlet, or just relax! It’s one way we get in touch with our ideas and express our best self. School and homework is enough pressure, not to mention household responsibilities - let them have some time alone.


Encourage Creative Outlets

Our children work hard in school, every day. As you encourage and support their academic performance give them time for creative outlets. If they have a hobby or budding interest help them by proving the tools they need. This can be as simple as a blank journal and sketch pens for your young artist.

Success requires hard work and encouragement. Practice patience and work together to set a loose schedule, and establish goals and your child flourish. These are just a few suggestions that work well for us. Our lovely community of readers are intelligent and hardworking. Do you have any tips to help children succeed? Please, share!

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Encourage them to have breakfast , nutritious meals , and check for health issues that may b affecting their progress.

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