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7 Ways to Help Your Kids Study ...

By Diana

It’s not always easy being the parent of a child who is struggling in school, but there are ways to help your kids study to make it easier for them. Not every child studies the same way or even learns the same way. Right now it might not feel like there are answers or ways to help your kids study, but with patience and guidance your child can improve.

1 Atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere that is quiet, yet engaging is one of the best ways to help your kids study. Use chalkboard paint for one of the walls so your child can write out math problems and hang creative pieces on the wall to make it a bright and cheerful space. If the room is happy, then your little one will be happy to be in it, even if it’s to study!

2 Organization

A messy child will probably have messy studying habits, however you can help them learn how to organize and stay ahead. A messy studying area and backpack will only make your child feel frustrated when they are trying to locate their homework or remember what they were supposed to do for class. If they learn how to use a calendar to write down assignments, and keep things neat and clean on their desk, then they will feel better about learning and studying.


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Reading at home more will help your child engage more while in the classroom. Shut down the electronics and set aside time to read with your child every day. Read fun, adventure stories and ask them what they think will happen next so they will get more excited about continuing the story the following day.

4 Make Every Day an Opportunity

No matter what you’re doing or where you are, make it an opportunity for your child to learn. Are you out shopping for new winter clothes? Ask your child to add up how much the total will be when you check out, or ask them to subtract the cost from how much you have in your wallet. If you make every day an opportunity to learn new things, they will get better at studying and will want to study.

5 Talk about School

Engage with your child about his/her day at school and don’t let, “It was okay” or “Nothing happened” be their answer. If this is the only thing they say, get more out of them and ask them questions that will require more than a yes or no answer. “What was something new you learned today?” or “What was your favorite thing you learned today?” are great questions to start with.

6 Celebrate

Even if it was the smallest quiz they have taken all year, celebrate what a great job they did. When they recognize that every grade counts, they will start to study more. Don’t go so overboard as to embarrass them, but do make a mention of how well they are doing and how proud you are.

7 Introduce Something New

Teach your child something new, like how to play the piano, how to draw, or even how to make a new recipe. While teaching them this new skill, show them how it plays into what they are studying in school. When you show a child examples of how things in life relate to their studies, they will become more interested to learn and realize it is something important.

Is your child struggling in school, what are some ways you helped them study this year?

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