9 Extremely Important Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child ...


9 Extremely Important Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child ...
9 Extremely Important Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child ...

In order to be prepared to become the best parent ever, I believe it’s really important to learn a few simple habits to strengthen your relationship with your child. Virginia Satir once said that "We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth." I know that as a parent, your life can be sometimes chaotic, because you’re always so busy satisfying everyone’s needs, especially the ones of your kid. But, despite everything, you must take some time to learn how to strengthen your relationship with your child, so there will be a stronger bond between you and your baby.

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12 Hugs a Day

Just like Virginia Satir said, everyone needs at least 12 hugs a day in order to grow into a beautiful and strong adult. That’s why I believe that this is one of the simplest ways to strengthen your relationship with your child. Just give your baby a warm hug in the morning, when they get up, when you leave for work, when you say goodbye, when you come home or at bed time. You can even give him a hug without a particular reason, just to show him how much you love him.


Spend Time Together

I know that everyone is extremely busy nowadays and a lot of young mothers are working so they don’t usually have enough time to spend with their children. This is such a big mistake sometimes! You need to spend some quality time with your kid as he’s growing up; you need to become his best friend. So, learn to prioritize and dedicate your entire spare time to your child. He definitely deserves it.


Play Together

Studies have shown the fact that by playing at least 15 minutes every day with your child, you can decrease both your child's stress levels and your stress levels, and you will also stimulate endorphins in both of you. By playing together more often, you will help your kid work through his anxieties and he will feel more connected to you. So, if you want to share a special bond with your beloved baby, try to make time and play with him more often and also, be playful!


Turn off All Technology While You Play with Your Child

Whenever you’re playing with your child, remember to turn off all technology, and I’m talking about shutting down your TV, turning off your computer and especially your phone, so nobody will bother you during that special time you spend together. Studies have shown that you should do it especially when you’re in a car with your kid, apparently “because the lack of eye contact in a car takes the pressure off, so kids (and adults) are more likely to open up and share.”


Be a Good Listener!

I know you must already be aware of how important it is to be a good listener in your everyday life, but you must realize how extremely important it is to have this ability in order to strengthen your relationship with your child. Just listen carefully to what your kid is telling you, no matter how tired or busy you actually are. It’s good that he opens up and he must be encouraged to do it more often so he won’t be afraid to share his thoughts because you might criticize or even dismiss him.


Bedtime Snuggle

In order to have enough time to snuggle and chat with your beloved child before bedtime, try to set this time a bit earlier. You’ll be able to tell him stories, connect and simply talk with your child about his deepest thoughts. It’s also the perfect time to clarify some things, to find out more about what’s really going on inside his little head and also, if he has troubles at school or in kindergarten.


Connect before Transitions

Just like you, children may have sometimes quite a hard time transitioning from one thing to another. You must be there to give them strength and reassure them that everything will be okay. When they’re feeling a little bit insecure, try to look them in the eyes, use their name, play a bit with them, make them laugh and tell them they have whatever it takes to succeed in life and also that they have the necessary resources to accomplish everything they have in mind.


Let Them Take Control of Your Car Radio

Since you spend a lot of time with your family in your car every day, try to make it as fun as possible for everyone, especially for your child. So, why not let him take control of your car radio? He will be entertained and he will have something to do, so he won’t get bored during a long drive. He will also appreciate that you let him be in charge, and who doesn’t love to sing with his entire family? This could give you a chance to get know how and why your child loves a particular band or genre of music.


Savor Every Moment

The best way to strengthen your relationship with your precious child is to learn how to savor every little moment you spend with him. Just pay attention to the little things! Watch him laugh, brush his hair, listen to his voice, look him in the eyes and treasure every moment you spend by his side. Time goes by so quickly, so try to cherish those special moments!

I’m sure most parents already know how to strengthen their relationship with their children. So, maybe they can share their experience with us. Can you help us and give us some advice? I, for one, can’t wait to hear it!

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