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8 Awesome Ways to Teach Toddlers Numbers ...

By Bridget

As a parent, you are your child's first teacher and there are tons of things that you can teach him; teaching numbers is super important and these ways to teach a toddler numbers will help him become a mini-mathematician. So many kids are resistant to learning numbers (I know I was) and that may just be because they aren't being taught in a fun way. Make the introduction to math fun with these awesome ways to teach a toddler numbers.

1 Number Matching

One of the many fun ways to teach a toddler numbers is with a number matching game. Write out numbers on two sets of index cards and have your child match the numbers together. Make sure to name the numbers as he matches them. You can also write out numbers on one set and draw an amount of items that corresponds to each number (2 dots or 3 ice cream cones) and have your child match the picture card to the number card.

2 Make Pictures

One of the things that we love doing in my house is making number pictures. I write a number on a piece of paper and my little guy creates a picture that corresponds to it. So, if I draw the number 1, he draws one circle, or sticks one sticker on the piece of paper. We've assembled our number pictures into number books!


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3 Number Hop

On a nice day, head outside and write numbers on the ground with sidewalk chalk. Have your little guy jump from number to number, saying each one's name as he lands on them.

4 Number Jive

Let your little one do a little jive for the numbers. When you say a number, your little guy can do a dance that involves a particular movement that number of times. For instance, if you say 3, he can shake his hips thee times.

5 Hunting for Numbers

Scavenger hunts are always a bit hit in my house, and they are a great way to teach number recognition. I write numbers on piece of paper and place them about a room. My little guy has to hunt for the numbers and then tell me the names of each number he finds. I'll also send him on a hunt to find "four crayons" or "two books."

6 Guess the Number

Have your toddler guess a number based on clues. For instance, you might say, "I come before the number five and after the number three. What number am I?"

7 Counting Laundry

Turn the boring task of doing laundry into a number learning experience. Have your toddler help you count pairs of socks or white shirts as you fold them.

8 Grocery Shopping Numbers

Even grocery shopping can be turned into number learning time. Tell your toddler you need three apples and have him help you count them. Ask him to name the number hanging above an aisle you walk down.

Your toddler will be expected to have an understanding of numbers before he even enters preschool. There are number learning opportunities everywhere, and you can make learning these digits super fun in a lot of ways. Are you teaching your toddler numbers? Which one of these activities do you think you'll try? What activities are you trying yourself?

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