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10 Simple Ways to Have Lots of Fun with Your Kids ...

By Jordin

All parents should know ways to have fun with kids, and it actually comes in handy to know if you’re NOT a parent! You never know when a last minute babysitting job will fall into your hands, so the more ways to have fun with kids you know, the better. Kids are easy to please, and that’s an up side for you! These ideas are fun, easy, affordable, and simple, so keep on reading!

1 Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Kids of all ages love to have scavenger hunts, so this is one of those ways to have fun with kids! You can do it old-school style by leaving notes, or go all high-tech and send texts with the next clue. Indoors or outdoors, a scavenger hunt will be fun for any ages!

2 Have a Kid’s Cooking Night

I remember helping my mom cook as a kid; it always made me feel so grown-up! Kids love to be included on what the adults are doing, so let them help you out. Whether it’s putting together PB&J sandwiches, or making a cherry pie, the biggest thing you will be making is memories. Don’t worry about the mess, you can have the kids pitch in and clean up afterwards to get it done quickly.


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3 Take a Picnic to the Park

One of the oldest tricks in the book, yet it’s still a classic. Who doesn’t love to enjoy a beautiful day by taking a picnic to the park? If you have any family pets, bring them along for the ride. This is a great family activity, so dad might want to join in as well.

4 Write a Book Together

Now, we’re not talking about actually getting published here (although if you do, carry on!), but kids love to do this little activity. Take some paper and fold it in half and cut it. Punch holes down the side and use yarn to tie it all into a little book. Now, make up a story together, and write it in the pages. Your children can then draw pictures in the book to illustrate what is going on!

5 Do Something That’s Meant for Outdoors While Indoors

Reverse day! This tip works well for rainy, snowy, or sick days. Do something that you would normally do outside, while indoors! The first couple of things that pop into mind are blowing bubbles (in the bathroom or kitchen for less mess), or camping out. Set up a tent in the living room and use your microwave to make S’mores. Fun for all ages!

6 Play a Board Game

Kids are easy to satisfy, most of the time they just want your attention. When you have a few minutes to spare, pull out a board game and hang old-school style. Make sure your games are age appropriate, and don’t forget to have fun!

7 Plant Something

When spring rolls around, there’s just something in the air that makes you want to plant something. At least it seems that way to me! My grandmother always used to take me outside with her and we would plant flowers together. If you have a day off and the weather is nice, grab your kiddos and plant something! Whether it’s a flower, a tree, a plant, or a small garden, digging in the dirt will never get old for kids.

8 Go Look at Puppies

With this tip, you may want to exercise caution that you don’t end up coming home with a puppy! But going to look at them never hurt anyone. Kids love to snuggle and love on puppies, so if you don’t have a family pet yet, head down to the mall or local animal shelter and spend some time with the animals there. It’s good for the kids and the puppies alike!

9 Bake an Ugly Cake

Sounds crazy, but its lots of fun! We always try to bake “pretty” cakes, well why not bake an ugly cake? You can go all out, and even let the kids decorate it with their own flair. If you’re not a cake person, this tip works with cookies too. Get the pre-cut ones for less work on your part.

10 Have a Water Balloon War

This tip will only work in appropriate weather, but what’s more fun than blasting each other with water balloons on a hot summer’s day? This is a game for outside only (unless you want the mess indoors), but spending a little extra time in the sunshine won’t hurt you. If you don’t want to take part in getting soaked, then just be in charge of filling up balloons while your kids go at it with each other or their friends!

Entertaining kids can be as much fun for adults as it is for the kids. If you can grab a few neighbors’ kids or even your husband or boyfriend to join in on the fun, then go for it! The more, the merrier. Do you have any ideas of super fun things to do with kids?

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