7 Top Tips for Raising Twins ...


7 Top Tips for Raising Twins ...
7 Top Tips for Raising Twins ...

Tips for raising twins will be helpful for anyone who has just had the news that they´re getting two for the price of one! In fact, parents who already have double trouble will be able to use tips for raising twins. There´s a lot of joy, but also much hard work ahead, and any parent of multiples will need help and advice. So here are some tips for raising twins.

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Treat Them as Individuals

While there´s no doubt that most twins develop a very strong bond, they are still two little individuals, and not just “the twins”. One of the most important tips for raising twins is to treat them as individuals – each has their own character. And never commit the error of dressing them alike; it may look cute, but it won´t help them to develop a sense of their own self.


Seek Help

One baby or toddler is hard enough work, so those of us without experience in dealing with multiples can only imagine what it´s like for the parents of twins! Get whatever help you can, especially when they´re newborn – if people will take care of them for a few hours, it will give you the chance to get some rest or get on with anything you need to take care of.


Join an Association

Since dealing with a multiple birth brings extra challenges, it´s bound to be helpful to join your local association. There you can meet other parents of twins, the kids can socialise, and you can get lots of tips for raising twins from people who´ve been there and done that!


Read Online

There are lots of blogs and websites about the joys (and trials) of raising twins. You can guarantee that whatever problem you have with your twins, many other people have been through the same thing and written about it. So check out the blogs and advice that is out there; if you´re finding it tough, you will get lots of support on forums.


Time for Each

Twins may or may not happily play together – in some cases that is probably a fantasy! – but they also need time apart. Part of that includes having individual attention from their parents. So try to spend time with each one, which will help them to develop their sense of individuality and make them feel that they are not just part of a pair.


Encourage Own Interests

One of the tips for raising twins that should not be neglected is that the interests of each twin need to be encouraged. They are two people, not one, and will not necessarily share the same hobbies and abilities. So make sure that each of your twins has the chance to pursue their own interests and that they don´t have to do everything together.


Attention for Siblings

When there are twins in the family, a frequently overlooked issue is the other children. Twins often get all the attention from relatives, and their siblings can be somewhat neglected. So give time and attention to the other child or children in your family, and make sure that they don´t feel that they are less important.

There are a multitude of tips for raising twins, so if you´re still floored by the news, you can benefit from the advice of people who´ve been through the same experience. It´s challenging, but any parent of twins would say that it´s also incredibly rewarding! If you´ve had the pleasure of a multiple birth, have you any tips for raising twins from your own experiences?

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My cousin has 4 kids under the age of 3. It's crazy. One pair of twins.

The last tip is totally true, I'm telling u I know of ppl who always get jealous of the attention..... But the things about individuality don't just apply to twins they apply to other siblings to

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