7 Adorable Baby Shower Themes ...

Whether you're having a boy, girl, twins, or your are still unsure, a baby shower theme can be fun and exciting or just simple and relaxing. From pink elephants on parade to a picnic in the park, you can let your baby shower theme **be inspired by colors, animals, places, and even cartoon characters. Don't forget about the dads, co-ed showers are starting to trend too. Ask your friends and hubby if one these **7 Adorable Baby Shower Themes is the right one for your baby's big day...

1. "about to Hatch" Baby Shower Theme...

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Photo Credit: Lynlee's Petite Cakesvia HWTM

Whether you love the popular bird trend or just think this "**About to Hatch**" theme is adorable, it's a great baby shower theme for a girl or a boy. The parents of this cute baby showerwanted to wait until the arrival of their little one to see if they were having a boy or girl, so their friends put together a pink and green color scheme to keep it gender neutral. Birdcages, mason jars filled with robin's egg candy, nest shaped desserts, deviled eggs, peeps, and a nest shaped wreath kept their bird baby shower theme flowing from decor to food. Check out Hostess with the Mostessfor the complete details on this wonderful "About to Hatch" baby shower theme!

2. "Rustic Owl" Baby Shower Theme...

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Photo Credit: A Savvy Eventvia HWTM

As you may know, I am obsessed with owlsand if you are throwing me a birthday party it can look something like this "Rustic Owl" baby shower theme! I love that the mom-2-be gathered owl children's books for her baby's book shelf and even used one of the books for guests to sign their names and leave a little message , what a great idea!

3. "Milkaholic" or "Got Milk?" Baby Shower Theme...

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Photo Credit: Half Bakedvia HWTM

I have never seen the "**Got Milk**" or "**Milkaholic**" baby shower theme before, but I must say how clever it is with milk and cookiesas dessert and cow print decor filling the room! Besides choosing a theme you also need to think of great game ideas to keep your guests and the party going, and this fun** diaper game** was another clever idea thought of by the shower planners Half Baked. They wanted something that would involve the guys during this co-ed baby shower, so they brought diapers and markers for everyone to write down funny baby humor for the new mom and dad to enjoy!

4. "B is for Baby" Shower Theme...

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Photo Credit: Alchemy Fine Eventsvia HWTM

"**B is for Baby**" is a creative baby shower theme with so many great ideas from bees on the invitation, bottles to drink out of, banana bread for dessert, and b for boy whose name is Baron. I love how the yellow color palette complements the theme of the bee invitation and is great for parentswho don't like to apply blue for boys and pink for girls.

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5. Backyard Picnic Baby Shower Theme...

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Photo Credit: Sweets Indeedvia HWTM

If you are worrying about your baby shower theme and don't want something too over the top, go simple with a Backyard Picnic theme. With buckets of ice for drinks, hot dogs and hamburgers for food, and gingham fabric decor to fill your space, your simple theme will be set up in no time. Serve apple piefor dessert and your guests won't ever stop talking about your "**All American Picnic"** theme!

6. "about to Pop" Bubbles Baby Shower Theme...

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Photo Credit: Pen N' Paper Flowersvia HWTM

I love these baby shower themes that use a fun play on words for decor, candy, dessert, and favors! The mom-2-be is "About to Pop" so why not send your guests home with bubble bath, decorate with paper plates that look like bubbles...love that idea, serve cupcake pops and caramel popcorn for dessert, and poppy seed strawberry salad for lunch! Get creative and think outside the boxfor your baby shower theme.

7. Pink Elephants Baby Shower Theme...

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Photo Credit: Kara's Party Ideasvia HWTM

"**Pink Elephants**" are on parade for this beautiful baby shower theme with an adorable momma and baby elephant on the invitation and wall decor. If you look closely at the photo with the invitation you can see strings of peanuts in the background and guess what...the peanuts were painted pink! This is the most precious baby girlshower theme I've ever seen, I love that the guests went home with animal crackers! Check out HWTM and Kara's Party Ideasfor the full details!

Whether you have an extravagant baby shower theme or a low-key backyard picnic, this party isn't about how pretty the details are or how many desserts you have, it's about the parents and the little one who is about to bless this world with his/her arrival. No matter the food, favors, and games, have fun and always remember to surround the new parents with love and comfort. This is an exciting time for them but they may also be nervous. So don't worry about your baby shower theme and if it's better than what someone else had. Give all of your attention to the ones who really matter and who will love the party no matter the theme!

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